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Thanks DeeDee for all of that about dolls. I am familiar with the American Girl dolls. But I was never really a doll kind of girl. I got a bride doll one Christmas but it was just an ordinary kind of doll dressed up as a bride. It was during WWII and lace was hard to get. My Mom looked everywhere and finally found a little scrap of lace for her veil. It wasn't so much a beautiful doll as much loved and to this day cherished.
I LOVED dolls. I was born in 1949, and there were some wonderful dolls in the 50s. Ginny, Ginnette, Jill, Barbie, Miss Revlon. I had them all. My mother was blind her whole life, and I always felt she indulged my love of dolls because she felt bad about not being able to read to me or play games, etc. I was an only child, so my dolls were my playmates. I had that life-size Patty Play Pal, too. Dolls and paper dolls were my world when I was a kid, and I got that first-issue #1 Barbie for my 10th birthday in 1959, the year she came out. I kept my dolls in beautiful condition, and if I still had that Barbie with her box, sunglasses, earrings and swimsuit, she'd be worth ten GRAND.
Oh well...
After I married my mom accidentally threw out a box that had my dolls and doll clothes.
This is OT, I know, but a funny story. In 2001, my husband bought a motor scooter and hid it from me under a tarp in the garage of our beach house. I found it months later when we went to the house that Spring to open it up for the season. He had bought it that past Christmas, rented a van to pick it up (they can't be driven on a highway), drove it 2 hours to the shore house, hid it in the garage, returned the van, came home that night and when I asked him "Hi Honey, how was your day?" he neglected to mention it. When I asked him why, he said that he could listen to me bit*h for a weekend or 6 months, so he chose the weekend.
That night, I joined eBay, and bought ALL the dolls my mother threw out. Barbie, Ginny, Ken, Skipper- their clothes too. TONS of dolls. Then I hid them in plastic storage bins under the bed in my daughter's old room. I told her that if I died first not to let Dad throw out the dolls because they were valuable.
When I moved from that house years later I sold them all on eBay, where I had gotten them. At that point, my need for vengeance had passed, LOL, and I really didn't display them or dress them up or anything and they really weren't the kind of dolls to let a grandchild play with. I was over it by then.