It's 11:43 pm here folks.I was watching a show promoting three young Italian tenors and then when it was finished I changed the station and who was on the screen but John Ramsey being interviewed about his new book.

I find him a strange type of man. When he was talking about his young daughter JonBenét, there was no trace of any sadness in his eyes at all as he was talking about her. I don't know who the woman was doing the interview(?). I had just clicked the arrow up one notch on my tv and was stunned to see this interview some of you had spoken about. I'm right next to the Buffalo border, and here in Canada we do get all the American stations. I almost switched my tv off as it was close to midnight.

Ramsey was almost half smiling through all of his conversation. The young woman did make a remark about him being quite well preserved in spite of this tragedy - words to this effect! He very quickly told her you have to be like this or you can be badly damaged. I think I heard him say ..."It's a gift you give yourself - "forgiveness!" I could have slapped his face! "badly damaged!" What a conceited A$$ he is! I know what it's like to lose a son, my youngest five years ago, although he was an adult, and the father of two children, my heart breaks every day for my loss. I wish I could have slapped the stupid grin off his face!

In other words, you can't allow yourself to be badly damaged just because you've lost your youngest daughter. For those of you who watched this, you must have spotted his stupid grinning face. Somehow I feel he is in for a very rude awakening!