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    I discovered yesterday that Psalm 35 is sometimes known as "Prayer for Victory." That's important because of "Victory! S.B.T.C" at the end of the ransom note

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    In 2006 I took a summer Photoshop class at a community college. I had a student license for Photoshop CS, Patsy Ramsey had just died, and since we hadn't worked with Photoshop filters in class, I decided to play around with the cheek and back marks at home.

    The cheek mark became my avatar. I could generate it with just a few clicks. The back marks gave me less joy--or so I thought. I zoomed in on a small portion of the upper figure and worked with that. I applied a Gaussian blur and an edge-finding function. I did this and that. Because zoomed in the image didn't look like much I didn't even intend to save my work, but I inadvertently did. When I opened the file again the next day and zoomed out, I had the rather ghostly image that I'm including here.

    Our version of Photoshop CS did not provide a history which survived the closing of the file so I didn't know exactly what I had done and in what sequence. I knew I had confined myself to blurs, an edge-finding function and maybe some sharpening functions. I thought the results were interesting enough to contact BPD, Beckner, I think, who referred me to the DA, who had an investigator contact me. I talked to (or emailed with) a guy I recognized from TV. At the end I assumed that someone with expertise would do an enhancement of at least the back marks. So I was surprised when I read about Kolar's train track theory years later. (If memory serves, in his book Kolar described the marks as "circular and somewhat rectangular." I thought that was interesting because my enhancement more or less agrees, though I didn't see that in the crime scene photo.)

    The back mark image is below. I added the line and text yesterday.

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    I was looking through tv guide Dec. 21-27, 1996, for something else (which turned out not to be there) when I noticed a show called Victory! With Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty. (The listing includes the "!.") It's a religious program which showed several times that week.

    DrollForeignFaction on websleuths posted in 2017 that Andrew Hodges said that Patsy watched that program. (I don't see that he attributes the remark to Judith Phillips, though.) It does seem like a show like that would be up Patsy's alley.

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