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    I'm including a photo of Psalm 57 in the 1985 NIV Study Bible, the Bible (and edition, I think) that was open on the desk in the study adjoining the bedroom. Visible is Patsy's magical verse and nearby is the cross-reference to Ps 35:17. It's a cross-reference to a similar line in Psalm 35 describing enemies as lions. Visible also is the verse about the pit digging, net spreading and pratfalling of enemies into the pits they've just dug. While there's no cross-reference in 57 to that same imagery in Psalm 35, it does exist there.

    (Psalm 35 doesn't include any cross-references to Psalm 57.)

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    Some of the cross-references for Psalm 57 are up at the top of the page instead of near Psalm 57 where you'd expect them to be. I think that's why I overlooked them before. The line 57:1 (with superscripted n) just above Patsy's so-important line about taking refuge in the shadow of God's wings is cross-referenced to
    Ps 34:22, which is the last line of Psalm 34--and that's the line before the first line of Psalm 35, which is the line starting with Contend. That, of course, is the word containing the C in SBTC.
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    Here's a photo of Psalm 57 in the 1984/85 NIV Study Bible which includes the cross-reference to the last line in Psalm 34, 34:22, in the top middle of the page.

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