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Thank you Cherokee. You were so good on the broadcast last night. Just like a pro! I could hear every word clearly without interruptions. Anyone else hear these electronic interruptions? Was it because I'm in Canada?
Thanks, Elle. I also heard the electronic feedback several times during the course of the show. I think it was because we all had "hot mics" and there was some echo and other satellite transference. Chief Kolar lives in a fairly remote and mountainous region of Colorado, so I'm surprised his phone reception/transmission was as good as it was.

I called in using a landline instead of a cell phone because I was told to use the phone where my voice would be the clearest. Maybe using a landline kept my phone transmission from being interrupted by the electronic interference present.

It's amazing that six people in far-flung parts of North America could talk to each other and send out an online radio show where hundreds of others could listen. The important thing was to get Kolar's information out to those who are interested in the truth of the Ramsey case.