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    Quote Originally Posted by koldkase View Post
    Well, maybe. It's ambiguous at best, to me, anyway. DeMuth flatly says no, Haney says uh-hum.

    So a possible "cutesy" photo, which may have been taken of her in the laundry room and found in the laundry room, can be interpreted many ways.

    I don't want to work a lot into questions about a picture which may or may not be related to the crime. If it was child pornography, I would like to believe more would have been made of it by LE, hopefully in the form of an arrest.

    But of course, the Ramseys could get away with pretty much anything in Boulder, so maybe not.

    I just don't want to give too much weight to something which is so conflicting on its face. Remember DeMuth was a lawyer with the BDA: he couldn't "lie" to a suspect himself, or he would have been breaking the Code of Conduct set forth in the Colorado Bar. So why did he say no, it wasn't a photo of her in the laundry room?

    Even if it was a photo of JB, being "cutesy," found in the laundry room in the basement, taken by Burke...unless she is wearing the clothes she was found dead in, or at least those she wore to the White's party, I don't know what that would prove, unless it was at least bordering on child porn.

    JB was well trained in posing "cutesy," after all.
    I don't think the pic was pornographic per se because I think LE would've gotten to the bottom of where it originated. I believe it was simply flirty, suggestive and it was hidden.

    Remember that one of the first things CSI did, after the autopsy, was check the lint traps...probably found it then when scouring the room

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    Originally posted by Elle_1 (Photo by ACandyRose)

    Quote Originally Posted by koldkase View Post
    I believe JR said that was originally a coal storage drop. I even think he described how coal was delivered to it back in the day?
    Britt and KK, I wonder if there was anything found in this hidden safe?
    Maybe ACR put this photo in here KK. I'll send BJ an e-mail and ask her.
    Looks like a pageant photo, Doesn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heymom View Post
    That first question 1 "So you don't recall taking a photo of her down there?" is still worded in a way that it could also mean, "You don't remember transporting a photograph of JonBenet down to the basement laundry room?" Do you see what I mean? The whole exchange is very muddled, maybe because the detectives are purposely trying to get some information without giving anything away. It is only at the end that they finally SEEM to ask, "Did you ever TAKE a photograph of JonBenet doing something 'cutesy' while in the basement laundry room?"
    I agree that it's a little unclear but it's only unclear because, as you say, LE was not wanting to give too much away and because they are trying to establish two things which both involve the laundry room.

    1. Would it be unusual for pics of JonBenet to be located down in the laundry room?

    The second part of the questioning tries to determine:

    2. Did Patsy take a picture of JBR down in the basement laundry room? There would be no other reason for DeMuth to ask if Patsy would run and get a camera if JBR was acting cutesy. Heck, there's nothing unusual about running to get a camera and shoot a picture of one of your kids if they're doing something cute...we've all done it. But it would be unusual to run all the way of stairs and shoot one down in the basement laundry room which is why Patsy asks: "Down in the laundry room?"

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    Just thought I’d put this out there.
    It’s easy to forget that just a couple of days before JonBenet’s death, the paint tote was not where we typically think of it as being.
    LHP claimed that it was moved.
    Then they showed her the picture of Patsy’s paint tray—or tote, as she called it—and some paintings leaning against the wall. The photograph had been taken just outside the wine cellar, right next to where Hoffmann-Pugh’s own daughter had put John Ramsey’s golf clubs. But that wasn’t where she’d left the tray on December 23, she said. She had put it at the foot of the stairs and didn’t know who had moved it.
    Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Lawrence Schiller, page 729

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    Windows 7 is up the creek for me this morning.

    Patsy's paint tote
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    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
    Just my opinion.

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