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    I'm afraid I don't see a shadow of anything here, KK. It's too sharp at the edges. Looks more like gray tape to me.What is supposed to be causing this shadow being talked about. Have I missed any posts? Sorry?

    DeeDee having been an art teacher will know more about this than I do. I just remember when taking lessons that shadows never seemed to have a sharp edge. Depends on the subject, I suppose, but the one you are discussing with cynic appears to have a sharp ege.

    Cast Shadows are mentioned here plus shadows with a sharp edge. I never painted anything with shadows with sharp edges.

    It's the darker type of shadow, because it’s created by the light source being blocked. It has quite a sharp or more definite edge to it. But it’s important to remember that a cast shadow isn't a solid thing that’s the same throughout: the further it is from the object that’s creating it, the lighter it gets and the softer or less defined its edge becomes.

    So ...what was causing this shadow? I'm at a loss here. KK!
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    Far be it from me to add much to the extensive and painstaking research you guys have done to this in trying to figure it out. But I haven’t seen mention of this, so I don’t know if it will be any help or not. Just thought I would point out that the light source in the room seems to be sitting on top of something (a shelf of some sort, maybe?). It looks like it caught the edge of it casting a diffused shadow on the floor shown within the green lines in the photo below. The diffusion effect is explained here on the site that Elle linked. (Thank you, Elle. This explains it better than I could have, and the illustrations help a lot too.)

    I added the bolder red lines to show the direction of the light source by running it out from obvious points in the blanket shadows with the corresponding peaks or valleys in the blanket itself (indicated with the short, thin, red lines). Hope this makes sense.
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    Some shadows DO have a harder edge. It depends on the light source producing them,
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