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    Jonbenet was never given a vaginal exam while alive. How the heck can anybody know what was going on down there with her? I know nothing about herpes, thank goodness, so I wonder, would something like that cause the same symptoms as a vaginal infection, or urinary tract infection, or could it be the same symptoms as a bubble bath irritation? Does it cause itching, burning? I wonder if those frantic phone calls Patsy made to Beufs office earlier in the month (wasn't it like 4 within a short period of time or something like that?) was because Jonbenet had a cold sore and was scheduled to attend a pageant? Or the Little Miss Christmas parade?

    Koldkase, those bumps in her hand are not mentioned in the autopsy report. You're not missing anything. I said years ago on a forum there was something not right about the autopsy report because it left out a lot and didn't seem genuine to me. It just didn't seem complete to me then nor does it now. I was resoundingly thumped on the head and told I was wrong by the masses.
    I suppose it could simply be that Dr. Meyer was incompetent and less than thorough. I am not impressed with his work at all.
    Actually genital herpes causes more pain and burning externally than a UTI, and the symptoms would be obvious to her mother. And if she had been having an outbreak, it would not have disappeared in so short a time. I am not suggesting that JonBenet had genital herpes. But she could have had herpes blisters on her hand. That photo is very strange. I wish Meyer had been more thorough - I think he was just not used to doing such autopsies in Boulder CO.
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    I remember Patsy saying she would get a rash and she (Patsy) would apply Desitin to it. This is when JB was OUT of diapers!! I wonder if Patsy would know the difference if she saw it and didn't suspect? I also am not saying JB had genital herpes. I think it's highly unlikely, but since we're kicking the idea around a bit I'm remembering all these little things that could possibly apply and sound very suspicious.

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