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Zoomama, I think you're being too kind. Lacy's actions weren't that of a jellyfish. Lacy knew EXACTLY what she was doing, and she did it deliberately!

Mary Lacy KNEW all along that the GJ voted to indict the Ramseys, and she STILL did her PR stunt of "exonerating" the Ramseys with questionable DNA findings!!!

1. Lacy had no right to exonerate anyone! District Attorneys do not exonerate; they prosecute. Even Wise and Grant said Lacy's exoneration had no validity! Then why the hell does the media still propagate this lie?!!!

2. The bogus exoneration is not worth the paper it's printed on because the partial DNA of five men and a woman were found on JonBenet's clothing - not just the partial DNA of one man, as Lacy would have the public to believe! Lacy KNEW there were more donors of partial DNA on JonBenet's clothing, but she led the public to believe there was only one donor!

3. Lacy completely screwed the truth over by issuing her bogus exoneration. Look at Bryan Morgan, the Ramsey's former attorney. What does he say when asked about the GJ indicting the Ramseys? He immediately pulls out the LACY GO FREE CARD and says they've been exonerated by DNA! It's the Ramsey's ace in the hole every time the truth comes out! And it's based on a lie!

4. Mary Lacy needs to be criminally prosecuted for damaging a "current" investigation! If the Ramsey case files are still being kept closed because it is an on-going case, then Lacy has interferred with the prosecution of that case. If it's not an on-going case, the open up the files and let us see for ourselves what the truth is!
I agree with all 4 points Chero.