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    Default Anniversary of murders

    Today, Jan. 27, is the 21st anniversary of the Butts triple homicide in Atlanta, Texas...RIP. Never forgotten.

    • Gerri Faye Butts September 21, 1962 - January 27, 1992
    • Jessica Nicole Butts September 17, 1980 - January 27, 1992
    • Mackenzie Dawn Butts November 27, 1989 - January 27, 1992
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    Life is so unfair! What a sad feeling it is looking at this beautiful photograph and realize this lovely family was actually murdered.

    It is very thoughtful of you to post this.
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
    Just my opinion.

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    And it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Mr. I don't believe he did it and I'm not going to prosecute him Neil Burmingham is burning in .
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