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I think Mary Lacy's high-handed "exoneration" PR stunt, and James Kolar's recent book, are maybe starting to shake things loose. There were a lot of people in LE who were more than angry at what Lacy did, and it's obvious it must have infuriated some GJ jurors as well. The people who know the evidence and truth of the case are sick and tired of John Ramsey playing the innocent victim card (while playing his millionth round of intruder golf).

Among many things, I'm interested in archaeology, forensic anthropology, genetics and DNA. The more I read, the more I'm convinced the original partial DNA, and the so-called "touch DNA," are contaminent. There is no other explanation for it. In fact, I'm reading a book right now that talks about the struggle to get viable DNA from ancient bones. Several years ago, some 10,000-year-old Native American skeletons were found buried in Florida, and a study was commenced to extract and sequence their DNA. However, what came back from one set of bones was the DNA result of a person with European ancestry! Even with all the precautions of gloves and masks, a sterile lab, etc., somehow a miniscule amount of a team member's DNA had gotten into the sample and completely contaminated and skewed the results.

JonBenet, and her clothing, were handled by many different people and techs. In addition, she even had a jacket, then a blanket, thrown over her after John brought her up from the basement. Both of them would have come in contact with the crotch and waistband of her long-johns. Then we have Patsy lying on top of JonBenet's body in the very clothes she wore to the White's party the night before! You can't tell me there wasn't some "touch DNA" transference at that point!

As far as we know, Lacy did not test DNA from any of the LE present or the EMTs who moved JonBenet's body to the morgue, nor did she test any of the lab workers, including Dr. Meyers. The "touch DNA" found on JonBenet came from five men and one woman. We know a soccer team did not kill JonBenet. That is contaminent DNA, just like the contaminent DNA that is on your clothes and mine.

Mary Lacy knows her ridiculous and invalid exoneration of the Ramseys is on shaky DNA ground, and that's why she refused to take questions at the "exoneration" press conference, and why she also refused to release the DNA results for examination.

I say we call Mary Lacy's bluff! Let's have ANOTHER independent lab do DNA analysis on JonBenet's clothing and see if those same results can be replicated! That is the standard of true scientific inquiry, especially with a new and experimental technology such as "touch DNA."
Why don't we just put you in charge, Cherokee? Great post!