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Carol began the slide down the slippery slope when she began interviewing various people for her Daily Beast article relating to the release of Kolar’s book.
She started hanging around snakes and weasels and something happened.
This is from Tricia’s True Crime show

Listen around 2:40
Carol McKinley: “I can’t really comment on Lin Wood…
“He and I were very cordial for the piece that I wrote”
Thanks, cynic. I did notice that, as well. I wanted to attribute it to her making an effort to be "unbiased" at the time, especially with her history with Team Ramsey's slapsuit. That's why it's called a SLAPsuit, BTW.

But listening to Carol on Peter's show, it seems she's over-compensating, licking her wounds as she slides the blinders on.

It's human, I guess. I don't know what she suffered, but I'm sure it was as much torture as powerful Team Ramsey could inflict.