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Boy am I glad I mentioned it! Thanks!

I can see a boy doing that as retribution to his kid sister. Or he could have just tossed the soiled clothing onto the candy and made a remark. There are several "innocent" scenes that could possibly explain the poop-smeared candy although had I pulled that stunt as a kid I'd still be standing up!!!!
I don't know...I think using poop as a weapon at the age of 9 is not normal. It shows at the very least, an immaturity - only very young children play with and handle their own excrement. But using poop as some kind of retribution for a wrong? That's pretty dysfunctional. Not normal for a 9 year old boy. But we all know that Burke had his own challenges.

But then again, for a 6 year old girl to have toileting accidents isn't normal either. I still suspect that JonBenet's toileting problems were related to her vaginal abuse. And perhaps the abuser got angry because she effectively dirtied herself?