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Boe--I am not suggesting that one incident proves anything. I am looking at the big picture. Just being 9 yo and seeing a psychiatrist is unusual as is wetting the bed and defecating in the bed. Jonbenet having the same issues is another clue. The fact that she was asking adults to "wipe wipe" for her at age 6 is strange. Then we have the evidence of chronic vaginal trauma. We also know that Burke had struck JBR before, which Patsy said was an accident. We also know that Burke was quiet and introverted but had an explosive temper, both before and after the murder.

If it were any one or two of these things, I wouldn't be suspicious--but all of them put with the murder itself? Something was very wrong in that home IMO.

Remember, one of the first things Ramsey said publicly was that his was a "normal family." That always stuck out to me, since no one had suggested they weren't.


I totally agree. That entire family was strange. John said JonBenet was a spark plug so that makes me wonder how much self control she had and what John meant by that comment.

Another thing I thought strange was a parent(s) allowing their son to whittle and leave his mess for the housekeeper to clean up. I see that as "Arrogance Training in Action."

In some ways, I feel sorry for Patsy. I feel positively sure it is unlikely she felt the very best and she may have suffered from what some cancer patients call "chemo brain." I still sit on the fence as to who did what but, ultimately, I think that indictment is perfectly worded.