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No pressure, huh? LOL

I'm afraid I'm not the person who should be burdening Kolar about this case, Elle. He'd probably just want to arrest me by the end.

I doubt anything will come of any of this, Elle, because no BDA is going to open that can of worms again, IMO. Anything Hunter or Lacy did that might be prosecutable has probably already run out the statute of limitations anyway. The Colorado Bar isn't going to go after them, either: if that was on the table, they'd have done so long ago when Hunter was busy protecting the prime suspects and Lacy was staging a back-patting press conference because she'd dragged a faux suspect half way round the world, not to mention publicizing an "exoneration" letter for which she had no legal authority or precedent.

As for that actual grand jury indictment, there's no way to actually make a case for JonBenet's murder now that Patsy's dead, anyway, as she will forever be reasonable doubt for anyone, including and especially for John. He would always have the "Patsy did it" card to play in a pinch. Other than direct involvement, the statute of limitations has run out on any other crime he might have been charged with, so it's pretty much over.

I hope I'm wrong, but Kolar has said as much himself, so we're basically just documenting the truth here...more like historians, I'd say.

That's the only justice we'll see for this murder.
I hear you KK, and understand what you're saying. You could be right! It all adds up to aggravation and anger about the latest news of the Grand Jury actually voting for an indictment against the Ramseys, and we're just finding out! It does help the frustration to talk it over.