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Well, my fellow Guttah Dwellers, JR opposes the release of the indictment. LOL Like we didn't expect this.

Here is a link. I don't have time right now to say what I think, except, I think Lin Wood will be filing something soon.

Thanks, Tez, for posting this! Bwwahaahaa! Of COURSE, John Ramsey opposes the release of the indictment! THAT tells you something right there!

John and Patsy Ramsey have LIED about it all these years. They even had the gall to STATE that lie IN PRINT several times in their book, Death of Innocence:

Death of Innocence - page 357

"The battered justice system had creaked and shuddered, but it had worked! We had not been indicted!"

"People would have to finally see the jury's decision as our vindication."

"Whatever time had been lost with the grand jury hearing must be made up quickly."

Death of Innocence - page 359

"After looking at all the evidence-or lack of it-a jury of our peers had not indicted Patsy and me. It seemed that the system had functioned as our Constitution had intended. We were truly grateful."

The Ramsey groupies and spin team have parroted those lies SINCE 1999!


Tez, I bet you're right. Lin Wood is having his lackeys work overtime so he can file an injunction against Judge Lowenbach to prevent him from releasing the Grand Jury's indictment.

Even if we never see the indictment, and I think we will, I love thinking that John Ramsey has finally had to wipe that "we fooled you and beat the justice system" shite-eating grin off his face.

The Boulder Grand Jury DID indict John and Patsy Ramsey. By fighting the release of the indictment, John shows just how worried he is about THE TRUTH coming out.