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    Default 6 WAYS to THANK a Veteran

    Today is Veteran’s Day – a day that we remember the day of the Armistice Day treaty signed after the end of World War I and honor all Veterans living and deceased. I believe that every day should be Veteran’s Day and we would honor them daily by remember the sacrifices that they have made for us in order to maintain our freedom.
    Here are some ways that you can honor and thank a Veteran everyday besides on Veteran’s Day:
    **Donate your time at a local Veteran’s Affairs hospital as a volunteer
    **Write to your Congressman and/or Senator to support bills in order to help veterans.
    **Remember to say “Thank you” whenever you see a soldier in uniform.
    **Help a homeless veteran by donating to charities that help them to receive services.
    **Help out families of overseas soldier by donating your time.
    **Send a card to an overseas soldier during the holidays.
    Address it Dear Friend, write a line or two of encouragement inside, and please mail cards to the following address:
    Military Missions Inc., 3650 Boston Rd., Suite 146, Lexington, KY 40514.
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    Thanks, Moab. Sounds like a good plan to me!

    Love love LOVE the graphic!

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    A big thank you to all the men wearing military uniforms who fought and died for a better world to live in!
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