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Paula Woodward's book must be a mess. She thinks the Ramsey Bible was on the nightstand open to Psalm 118. Steve Thomas disabused us of this notion sixteen years ago in JonBenet. He says that the Bible was on the desk open to Psalm 35, the first lines of which contain "SBTC." If the Bible had been in a different place, open to a different psalm, Lin Wood would have hauled Thomas over the coals when he deposed him. He didn't bring up the matter at all so we can assume that Thomas is right.

Woodward hasn't even read JonBenet. Pathetic.
Thank you for bringing this to attention. Unless the BPD had taken JR’s Bible with their warrants, as original evidence, any fingerprints on it became useless after PP’s raid. But your post did also remind me of a couple of other ideas I’ve evaluated.

First this passage was in a Bible at JR’s desk. (There was also a computer as noted by Thomas who sat in the chair at that desk.) Thomas mentions the view of the Flatirons so this confirmed to me the desk was located on the 3rd floor in the master bedroom. One would assume, as a subsequent thought, it’d be also possible/probable that someone sat at that desk to compose a draft of the RN. At least to me the likelihood is strong.

Second your post also reminded me of the very knowledgeable work of Foster whose integrity was attacked in the same way that the RST attacked FW, ‘Doc’ Miller, Thomas and others. The contrast between JR’s and PR's avowed faith and their behavior in enabling/encouraging such aggressive attacks really told me all I needed to know about the masks someone may wear. Without revealing his personal views on JR, Kane told AH once that JR would make a 'believable' impression if he’d ever been asked to take the stand.

I was thinking about JR’s charm ability when I saw that PW’s book is out and wondered if it might echo the flavor of JR’s seeming candor in TOSOS. Yes, I know 'seeming candor' is an oxymoron.

Well, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that Foster’s letter to Patsy is introduced as a piece of evidence on PW’s website introducing her book. (If anyone out there still believes that PW has let go of the Intruder theory, or is impartial, the answer is nope, apparently not.) PW has a website promoting her book here. There’s a section on her website titled evidence where she features Foster’s letter to Patsy. If one has the stomach for reading evidence from Ollie (through Smit, of course), Whitson, Carnes, and ML, PW’s evidence offers a taste of the direction of her book. On the Amazon.com site one can preview portions of her book in which there are some outright contradictions to the evidence contained in Kolar’s and Thomas’ books.

KoldKase’s words from a few years ago are rattling around inside my head. . it is indeed a frightening thing to witness such delusion . Jmho.