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    I thought that he had stated he believed that Karr did write the ransom note, but I could be confused. I can't find any links to that statement. In any case he came out on the side that Patsy probably did NOT write the ransom note, so we know he had a bias going in. He is a literary forensic linguist, not a criminal one.
    Foster did write Patsy Ramsey and tell her that he was sure that she didn't write the ransom note, but that was before he got involved in the case. Foster characterizes this as a "rookie mistake." After he examined her writings and the books and movies the Ramseys had in their house, Foster changed his mind.

    In JonBenet, Steve Thomas covers Foster's presentation to LE about Patsy authoring the ransom note. In that talk, Foster mentions "and hence" and its occurrence in a Ramsey Christmas letter. I believe Foster gave his presentation in 1998. (JonBenet was published in 2000.) That's the earliest mention of the presence of "and hence" in both places that I've found. (That's not to say that others couldn't have discovered it independently at an earlier or later date.)

    I don't think that Foster would have expressed an opinion about Karr one way or another because he'd already been off the case for years when Karr was arrested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heymom View Post
    Hi Elle,

    Nice to "see" you still here too. I haven't contributed much, but I've been in admiration of the ones who have. I've read everything I can get hold of, and still, some days I argue with myself about what happened on that Christmas night so many years ago.

    I was watching a couple of Youtube videos made by grad students at Hofstra University, where a forensic linguistics Master's Degree is offered. One of them mentioned that they had studied the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note in their classes! Sometimes it really seems as though there is some kind of impenetrable shield around John Ramsey, and the truth will never be known.

    Meanwhile, in the UK, men are being brought before the courts for things they did 30, 40, 50 years ago - and these are not murder cases but sexual assault cases! So if that can come back to haunt someone and put them in prison, why can't we bring up this case again and get answers??

    I was sidetracked for a spell heymom! Thank you for your reply. I never heard anything about the courts in the UK delving into the cases you mention above. I wonder how they are planning this one!(?). Seems
    a bit far out; however to each his own!

    I'm still amazed with the posters on this board who are still deeply involved with the research. I do like to keep on reading what you all have to say.
    It was interesting to read about the grad students at Hofstra University
    studying the Jonbenét ransom note.
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
    Just my opinion.

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