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For all these years I believed Patsy did it in a fit of anger but I now believe Burke did it. Also in a fit of anger. Explains so many things. I would not go to sleep in the same house as that man (Burke). He seriously creeps me out.
That's what Steve Thomas believed, and Patsy's acting was part of what threw the trail in her direction. To her credit, really, because she was sacrificing herself in the interest of keeping Burke out of police & psychiatric custody. It was a high-stakes game John and Patsy played that morning, because both of them could have gone to prison for obstructing justice at least. But the lawyers kept them out of prison. Anyone with fewer resources would have been behind bars and Burke would have been in whatever treatment the court system deemed appropriate. Maybe in a state institution for years?

It does make one wonder if the psychiatric treatment he had after the murder had any effect on him...The way he smiled and smiled during the Dr. Phil interview...just as inappropriate as he was at JonBenet's funeral and the taped interviews....Happy about the whole thing?