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    Exclamation Burke Ramsey Files 150M Lawsuit

    Guess we all saw this coming, eh? However, Burke has now made himself a public figure...much harder to prove defamation.

    But network officials vowed not to back down, saying in a previous statement to PEOPLE, “CBS stands by the broadcast and will do so in court.”
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    It's my understanding that this is a lawsuit, against Spitz, for a radio interview he did following the docudrama series. It's high time that CBS, or someone, puts an end to these lawsuits filed by Wood who has been outdone only by Hunter himself in keeping the truth from coming out. Wood hasn't sued CBS as of yet, but they need to go on the offensive, support Spitz, and go all out in bringing this thing to a trial where all items can be subpoenaed and brought to light in front of a jury. One jury has already pronounced their judgment after hearing the evidence. It's time to put these two on the stand, get hold of all the evidence, and put this to rest once and for all so that the real innocent people can be exonerated.

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    You can read the specifics of the lawsuit at this link:

    It’s also my understanding that BR’s lawsuit involves Spitz’s interview on a Wayne County CBS affiliate radio station. The interview is alleged to have occurred about September 19, after Case of had been produced and the first 2 hour part had already aired.

    They are attempting to portray BR as a private figure, not a public or limited public figure. Strictly imo, he fits the limited public figure definition pretty well, given the notoriety of the crime, the celebrity of the R family and his own interviews on Dr. Phil and with Woodward.

    As Moab mentions it’s a much higher bar to prove that Spitz knew his statement about BR was false, and prove that he stated it without regard to its truth or falsity (malice).


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    BR appears in court.

    Spitz asks for a dismissal. Judge wants to hear the actual audio recording before ruling on this.

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