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    Default Discovery of a new case book!

    I know we’ve all had hopes to see this anniversary of JonBenét's death as a watershed, an opening for more and more factual truths about the case. Since it is the 20th anniversary I thought there might be a new book on the case and visited to look. I came across the following which I’ve added to my Amazon watch list. It’s titled -

    Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenét Ramsey Case.

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    This is its synopsis:
    “What really happened to JonBenet Ramsey? Was her death intentional or an accident, covered up to look like a botched kidnapping? What are the facts about the case DNA? What does it really tell us? Is it relevant to the crime or is it contamination? Can it be tied to an intruder, or was District Attorney Mary Lacy’s attempt at exoneration of the Ramseys based on faulty interpretation of the actual lab results?

    Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Case” contains 16 pages of explosive DNA reports from Bode Cellmark Forensics that had been hidden until recently, as well as details of the 2013 shocking revelation that John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted by a Grand Jury in 1999, but the Boulder District Attorney declined to prosecute.

    "Exposing the many myths and misrepresentations of facts in the Ramsey case, the book uses documented evidence and detailed research, as well as extensive interviews with many who were involved in the case, to present the truth surrounding JonBenet’s death and the 20-year investigation.

    "With a thorough linguistic analysis of the ransom note, as well as handwriting comparisons, new photos, footnotes, a bibliography for further reading and five appendices (including timelines, Ramsey house plans, and a guide to understanding DNA), the book is essential for anyone interested in not only what happened to JonBenet, but why.

    "The True Crime Detectives Guild is a private organization that studies cases of unsolved crimes. Guild members have expertise in various disciplines. Modeled on the Vidocq Society, their primary goal is to shed light on challenging criminal cases, particularly those that have affected the public’s trust in an impartial media and an unbiased system of justice. Membership in the Guild is by invitation only.”

    The book can be preordered now and will be released on December 20th.

    I’m encouraged.
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