Yesterday I watched A Murder in the Park on Netflix. David Protess of Northwestern University, his young, naive, not very thorough journalism students, a no-holds-barred private investigator and an attorney conspired to convict Alstory Simon for a crime committed by another man. (Simon, now released, filed a $40 million lawsuit against Northwestern, Protess, Ciolino and Rimland.) An excellent documentary, it will leave you gasping in disbelief at the brazen, callous, underhanded behavior of some people who masquerade as seekers of justice.

The story sounded fairly familiar so I wondered if Protess had any involvement in the "reinvestigation" of the Ramsey case. It turns out he does have some. For one thing, Protess was brought in by the Ramsey team to give a presentation to the Boulder district attorney's office about supposed parallels between the murders of Jaclyn Dowaliby and JonBenet. (I don't know that Protess's team did anything untoward in the Dowaliby case, but his team's tactics in the Porter/Simon affair suggests that all his work needs to be re-examined.)

Protess also wrote an opinion piece for Huffington Post in 2011:

"A little girl disappears from her home during the night. Her father discovers her missing after noticing the front door is ajar. The parents claim an intruder may have entered the home through a window and snatched the child.

But police doubt their story. Why wasn’t anyone awakened by the intruder, including the child’s half-brother? Questioning the parents separately, the police learn that the mother’s account of the previous night’s events has changed. The parents become targets as the authorities obtain a warrant to search their home. Defense lawyers shut down further interviews by police, a sign of guilt to many in the media and the public....The Dowaliby case provides a cautionary tale for the officers investigating Baby Lisa’s disappearance. So does the case of JonBenet Ramsey, stolen in 1996 from her Boulder, CO. bed and murdered. The authorities targeted her parents until DNA cleared them...."