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    Default John Ramsey files a new lawsuit

    Per Michigan court records JR filed a lawsuit against CBS on September 14th.

    Since thereís been very little press on this, we donít know the amount of his lawsuit against CBS or why heís waited until the last minute to file. In Michigan defamation lawsuits have a one year statute of limitations. Interestingly, attorney LW has neither tweeted nor given interviews about it.

    Iíll leave it to others to ponder whether there are motivations beyond the obvious. JR will be using the same attorney as BR.

    For a refresher: On behalf of BR, JR and PR have initiated lawsuits against the publishers of the Star, Time Warner, NY Post, Globe, and Windsor House. JR and PR have also sued Fox for suggesting there was no evidence pointing to an intruder and Court TV for naming their family (BR, JR, PR) and an intruder as suspects.
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    I am guessing...wash...rinse...repeat regarding all the lawsuits they have filed. I do not believe JR will put himself or any of his remaining family members under oath regarding JB's death.
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    Did the program contend that John participated in murdering Jonbenet? From the filing it sounds like it did. That surprises me because Kolar said on Tricia's radio program that he believed John slept through the night. The book just didn't talk about it.

    All very odd.

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