Oh well. Hunter, Lacy, Garnett - strike three?


Excerpted from the above article:
Fair or not, all Boulder district attorneys are judged in part on how they handle one of the county's most notorious cases: the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

While there weren't many new developments during Garnett's tenure, the case was transferred back to the Boulder Police Department and true bills signed by a grand jury during Hunter's term were finally brought to light after a Daily Camera reporter sued for their release.

"I'm proud of the work we've done on the case," Garnett said of the Ramsey investigation. "I feel like we've handled that case according to best practices. Obviously that case is not Boulder County law enforcement's greatest moment, but I feel like we've been able to handle it appropriately."

But Garnett anticipates he will not be the last district attorney to leave office with the case still unsolved.

"My expectation is that charges will never be filed in the Ramsey case," Garnett said. "The combination of some problems at the crime scene and early in the investigation, in my mind, are impossible to overcome."

Early in my experience with this case, long time members of WS and FFJ commented that the case will never be charged. While I’ve seen the total logic in that conclusion, it was hardly ever easy to accept. In the interim since his election to the DA position, there have been interesting statements from Stan Garnett regarding this case. Additional DNA tests were begun, though he did not believe DNA would solve the case. And a year ago last December he responded to a reporter from Australia. Garnett told her that he did know who killed JonBenét, and that if he ever had the evidence to take the case to court, he would announce to the world the “who” and the “why”.

So an appointment by the Governor to fill Garnett’s shoes will occur fairly rapidly. My prediction is that the newly appointed person will continue in the tradition of the previous Boulder DAs in regards to this case. It’s all anyone can sadly expect.

Unless LW and CBS reach some kind of settlement in the civil suit, the only tiny pulsating glimmer for additional truth may reside in a deposition of BR.