By Mark Mcguire, Albany Times Union
June 26, 2002

BOLTON LANDING, N.Y. - John Walsh, the host of Fox's 14-year-old America's Most Wanted, said he's turned down previous offers to do a daytime talk show.

"I didn't think it was the appropriate time," he said.

Now it is. In syndication, The John Walsh Show will debut in the fall.

In recent years, sleaze seemed to be daytime talk's baseline requirement: Every future felon or grotesquely inept parent/spouse/lover got his or her shot at a diluted 7 minutes and 30 seconds of fame.

"A lot of people are looking to go back to the days of Phil Donahue, when the genre was respectable," said Paul Pelliccia, program director for WEDG and WXXA in Albany, N.Y. "They're realizing the other sensational stuff isn't working." Is this the death knell for Springer's ilk? Nah.

"Now that (viewers) have had their fill of all the circus shows, they want to get serious," Pelliccia said. "Give it a few years." He's right: Eventually, it will swing back.,00.html