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    "Membership drive"
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    Original Message
    "Membership drive"
    Posted by jameson on Oct-25-01 at 08:31 AM (EST)

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-23-01 AT 10:23 AM (EST)
    The "Public Input" area is open during the day - I lock it at night or whenI travel because troublemakers have come in and spammed it when I left it open.

    When any forum is "protected", only "members" can post. The members of this forum are not like members of most other forums - the members here "own" their words and support the forum.

    All members register via email by giving their real name, address and phone. They send me the screen name they want to use and I call them back with the password.

    In addition, members support WebbSleuths financially. The site is not a free site - it costs to maintain the domain and the message board - over a hundred a month. There are other costs as well that make WebbSleuths the leading forum. Each member donates $50.00 for a year's membership. It's like joining a gym - members pay to join, use it as often as they like, abide by the rules or risk being removed from the facilities.... and the owner runs the facility as hir sees fit. (Warning - it isn't run by committee - if someone thinks they can join and change it - they are wrong.)

    $50.00 pays for half a month of the server and buying a membership now will pay through the end of 2002.

    I can hear the rumblings now - - why pay for something I can get free?

    Well, members get a few extras - like access to the forums 24/7 and the ability to edit posts. But the big thing is... they know that the next time the troublemakers make it impossible to leave the public forum open to all posters, they will still have a forum home.

    The other forums seem to be disappearing. Sad - but it also means that when the case gets hot again, people will be coming HERE to post. I anticipate that there could be problems - and the public input forum may again be forced to shut down because of flaming furies and trolls.

    But more importantthan any of that, members know they are making sure the forum will be here months from now. I can't pay for it all myself - and don't think it fair for my husband to pay for OUR addictions.

    I encourage everyone who uses the forums on a regular basis to show support - post, certainly, but send in those checks so that the forum can remain on-line, in a secure fashion.

    If you want to lurk, welcome. If you want to post during the times when the public forum is open, great! If you want to see the forum remain on-line in the future, consider becoming a member.

    And remember - membership ends the last day of December - - renew your membership now.



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    bottom line, jameson, 01:22 PM, Dec-05-01
    Go!, jameson, 05:48 PM, Dec-05-01
    Jameson, Mariene, 05:56 PM, Dec-05-01
    Mariene, jameson, 05:59 PM, Dec-05-01
    OK, jameson, 05:59 PM, Dec-05-01
    jams, pinky5, 06:49 PM, Dec-05-01
    Pinky, jameson, 07:02 PM, Dec-05-01
    Posts, StrayCat, 07:54 PM, Dec-05-01
    This thread, Gates, 08:01 PM, Dec-05-01
    Gates, StrayCat, 08:05 PM, Dec-05-01
    StrayCat, Gates, 08:12 PM, Dec-05-01
    Gates, StrayCat, 08:17 PM, Dec-05-01
    I deleted the posts, jameson, 08:35 PM, Dec-05-01
    serious, StrayCat, 08:43 PM, Dec-05-01
    they were jello, jameson, 08:57 PM, Dec-05-01
    Jello, StrayCat, 09:00 PM, Dec-05-01
    StrayCat, ST's Angel, 09:02 PM, Dec-05-01
    Not accurate Jameson, Sweebie, 09:11 PM, Dec-05-01
    Sweebie, StrayCat, 09:15 PM, Dec-05-01
    Sweebie, jameson, 09:20 PM, Dec-05-01
    Membership, undecided , 09:17 PM, Dec-05-01
    Still Confused, StrayCat, 09:24 PM, Dec-05-01
    Jameson, Sweebie, 09:30 PM, Dec-05-01
    Jameson, Gates, 09:22 PM, Dec-05-01
    End of the year, jameson, 09:55 PM, Dec-05-01
    As for me being "cold", jameson, 10:43 PM, Dec-05-01
    Closing of 911 forum, Human, 12:03 PM, Dec-06-01
    Yeah, quit whining, Maikai, 11:44 PM, Dec-05-01
    No kidding Maikai, Ashley, 00:30 AM, Dec-06-01
    Membership Drive, Sandy, 03:33 AM, Dec-06-01
    Welcome to the "club" SWE..., Diwi, 09:19 AM, Dec-06-01
    FYI, jameson, 09:31 AM, Dec-06-01
    Your analogy, Jayelles, 10:27 AM, Dec-06-01
    Who pays for Jameson's forum, Morning Dove, 10:28 AM, Dec-06-01
    Morning Dove, Jayelles, 10:40 AM, Dec-06-01
    Jayelle, Morning Dove, 10:50 AM, Dec-06-01
    Morning Dove, jameson, 10:51 AM, Dec-06-01
    Morning Dove, jameson, 10:52 AM, Dec-06-01
    This thread is almost..., Diwi, 10:59 AM, Dec-06-01
    Jams, packerdog, 11:51 AM, Dec-06-01

    Messages in this discussion
    2 . ""
    Posted by jameson on Oct-25-01 at 09:53 AM (EST)

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-23-01 AT 10:23 AM (EST)
    Checks are to be made out to jameson.

    Send to

    PO Box 5333
    Hickory, NC 28603

    PLEASE - put your screen name on the check so I credit the right account - save me a lot of time matching names to screen names.

    23 . "bottom line"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 01:22 PM (EST)

    If anyone feels that $50.00 a year is too much to pay for a forum that they spend hours on every year, then they are free not to join.

    35 . "Go!"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 05:48 PM (EST)

    I have never stopped anyone from belonging to any other forum - - always said there is a home for everyone.
    The posters who appreciate the forum will support it. Those who don't care to support it financially take their chances when it comes to being able to post.

    37 . "Jameson"
    Posted by Mariene on Dec-05-01 at 05:56 PM (EST)

    My check has been mailed to you. Please let me know when it arrives.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    39 . "Mariene"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 05:59 PM (EST)

    Will do - - I have several here on the desk waiting to go to the bank.

    38 . "OK"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 05:59 PM (EST)

    This is the thread reminding people that it is time to renew their membership.
    Jayelles, Pinky and Misty - all non-members - made an appearance here to say I promised lifetime memberships for the $50.00 and that membership was supposed to be through 2003 - - both untrue.

    It costs to have the forum on-line. I don't think my husband should pay for it and won't even ask!

    If you want to join - great. If not, that's OK too.

    One disgruntled poster, Sweebie, announced she won't be here after the end of the year. That's fine. The forum will be here - it has a life of its own. NO member, including myself, is VITAL to the group.

    40 . "jams"
    Posted by pinky5 on Dec-05-01 at 06:49 PM (EST)

    I did not say what you are saying I said.
    I honestly don't remember when I joined how long
    you said it would last, but I wasn't worried
    about it since I requested deactivation. I don't figure I lost out on any money either.

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    41 . "Pinky"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 07:02 PM (EST)

    I don't think anyone got cheated.

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    43 . "Posts"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 07:54 PM (EST)

    I am confused. Why does it say your post is number 41 and yet according to the room list there are only like six or eight posts? Is my computer acting up?
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    44 . "This thread"
    Posted by Gates on Dec-05-01 at 08:01 PM (EST)

    I was here this afternoon and read several posts on this thread that were of interest. One particularly addressed an issue that I had questions about.
    Why are all these posts gone? I wanted confirmation on some of the issues brought forth, not a censor of the questions. That only lends more credibility to them in the first place.

    I won't be so rude to report what I read, but I obviously missed many other posts. And there must have been a post by Sweebie announcing her intentions? If that is so, why remove that? Why can't other members read what Sweebie, a current member, had to say?

    I am getting uncomfortable with this situation. Please, could someone repost what has now been deleted?

    45 . "Gates"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 08:05 PM (EST)

    I am just as confused as you. I thought Sweebie was a great poster.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    46 . "StrayCat"
    Posted by Gates on Dec-05-01 at 08:12 PM (EST)

    Sweebie was/is a great poster, yes.
    But with all due respect, confused I am not. I just want accountability.

    47 . "Gates"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 08:17 PM (EST)

    Well, Jameson has said the favor or this forum is lemon meringue. I am now taking that to mean this forum is opinionated since I am taking it that most of the posts on this thread have been deleted. I could be wrong; what do I know.

    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    48 . "I deleted the posts"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 08:35 PM (EST)

    I didn't save them and assure you that you missed nothing but complaining about the forum. Like I have always said, the forum is here for serious discussion of the Ramsey case. It is what it is. If you enjoy it, great. If you don't like it here, don't stay.
    Sweebie said she doesn't feel her opinion is valued enough and she won't be sending money to renew her membership. She has been posting as weBsleuths for a while so it really wasn't a great shock.

    49 . "serious"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 08:43 PM (EST)

    If this forum is for serious discussion, why have three fourths of the posts on this thread been deleted -- and this thread is simply you soliciting donations, not even case related. I am very confused. I consider serious discussion a discussion of all the facts no matter what. Were all these posts flames?
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    50 . "they were jello"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 08:57 PM (EST)

    just like yours
    and one thing I wanted this forum to be was a place where people didn't have to wade through nonsense posts to read about the case.

    The public forum at Yahoo is like that - I hated it there.

    51 . "Jello"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 09:00 PM (EST)

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what that means.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    52 . "StrayCat"
    Posted by ST's Angel on Dec-05-01 at 09:02 PM (EST)

    >I'm sorry but I don't understand what
    >that means.
    Shhhhhh! Neither do I

    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    53 . "Not accurate Jameson"
    Posted by Sweebie on Dec-05-01 at 09:11 PM (EST)

    at all
    I copied a sentence from Jayelle's post, which was also deleted and added:

    "Amen. That is why I am not sending in any more money."

    Jayelle's post said that one would expect COURTESY and some INPUT regarding the forums when one sends in money.

    I highlighted the word courtesy in the repost of her sentence.

    If you are going to delete my post Jameson, have the COURTESY not to twist my words into something I did not say.

    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    54 . "Sweebie"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 09:15 PM (EST)

    Well, just to let you know, I enjoy your posts.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    56 . "Sweebie"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 09:20 PM (EST)

    Membership in the forum gives on the opportunity to post 24/7 as long as they stay on topic, are civil, don't post misinformation or do anything to discredit the group or get us sued.
    I have always made it crystal clear that this forum is NOT run by committee. You knew that when you joined.

    I post clearly that people should NOT join expecting to make changes. I started this forum alone, I determined what I wanted and I do my best to keep it there. If you or anyone else doesn't like what I offer, all I can say is go elsewhere or start your own.

    55 . "Membership"
    Posted by undecided on Dec-05-01 at 09:17 PM (EST)

    but this thread was all about membership to this forum, not about the case per say. I think before someone decides to spend $50.00 on a message board they would like to see the pros and cons of the said board. I read some of the postings that've been removed and I didn't think they were flames. By the way I am a now paying member here in good standing. I always felt you were a little too quick with the delete key. Well I guess you can scratch my name off the list at the end of the year since I won't be back. I won't say who I am here but you'll know when my check doesn't land in your hands again. I'm not a BORG. Never been a flamer. I have been respected with my postings. There aren't many posters as well liked and respected as Sweebie and if you can kiss her off that easily it doesn't say much at all about you. The coldness of your attitude is costing you.
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    58 . "Still Confused"
    Posted by StrayCat on Dec-05-01 at 09:24 PM (EST)

    Now see, that's what I don't understand. If Miss jameson can be that uncaring toward Sweebie, how can she care about JonBenet? So confused.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    59 . "Jameson"
    Posted by Sweebie on Dec-05-01 at 09:30 PM (EST)

    I have defended your actions, explained your actions, been a supporter of the Ramseys, and tried to be as welcome a poster to others as I could be - all in trying to help YOU with YOUR forum.
    I was the best and fairest moderator that I knew how to be.

    What do I get? I got the back of your hand.

    Honest to God - I have defended you when you have acted like a horse's *** to others. I have made allowances for your coarseness, your manner, your rudeness, your unfairness.

    But no more. Jameson, you ARE a horse's *** and it has been a real learning experience for me to have known you.

    No, I won't post on the private forums. And you know what? That's YOUR loss. Not mine.

    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    57 . "Jameson"
    Posted by Gates on Dec-05-01 at 09:22 PM (EST)

    A good many people here have invested a lot of time, emotion and our membership fee. I know no one would understand that more than you. You have lived this case for over four years. And I was one of the original members of this forum, as well. I followed you over from Murphy's.
    Having said that, I did indeed read (earlier this afternoon) several posts on this thread that were of interest and were not flames or jello. I came back to see what information was posted responding to the originals, and the originals were gone. Perhaps some were worthy of deletion, but some were not.

    I have never been anything but up front with you, and I am being so now.

    If Sweebie, for instance, had something to say with regard to her not reinstating, than her fellow posters of some three years should be able to have that first hand. Not through a third person.

    I don't know many on this particular forum, but I do know I spent much time on the Public Terrorist Forum. I would imagine that everyone was astounded to find it suddenly closing. I know I was.

    It's confusing and harsh when the landmarks keep changing for reasons we are not allowed to fully understand.

    We have all been together a really long time. I hate to see it, for the most part, break up without some frank discussion.

    61 . "End of the year"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 09:55 PM (EST)

    In this past year a lot has happened. A lot of members from all forums have stopped posting - because the case just isn't busy, real life has taken over and 911 just shook up a lot of people and made them step back to heal.
    Most members were happy when I opened the public discussion - - a few were upset that others weren't paying. I asked, are you losing anything? Do you get to post 24/7?

    But most LIKED the public forum - - they liked the opposing views - - and some interesting posters like Why_Nut simply won't post on any forum where he is asked to identify hirself.

    Personally I like the public discussion - - but I realize it NEEDS to be moderated, closed at night - because the flaming furies ARE out there.

    I will be perfectly happy with 30 members in a protected forum. That will pay the basic cost of operating the forum and 30 participating posters is plenty.

    Bottom line - if people want to stay, fine. Sweebie thinks the owner/moderator is a "horse's ***", and feels she needs to post that, so she is welcome to take her posts to weBsleuths.

    I am in my own house - - I don't invite everyone in and I don't invite in people who call me names - or my other guests.

    This forum is an extention of my home.

    Sweebie is now invited to leave.

    65 . "As for me being "cold""
    Posted by jameson on Dec-05-01 at 10:43 PM (EST)

    I am here to discuss the Ramsey case, not to even TRY to meet the personal expectations of all the posters.
    It's like owning a gym. People go to the gym to use the equipment - - they don't scream at the owner when he takes out a bit of equipment, or adds a piece, or lets Mr. hcndfj join, or lets Mrs. tcmutihn quit.

    I provide a place for people to discuss the Ramsey case without being abused by flamers. I post information, I open discussions that cover many subjects connected to Ramsey, I try to clear up misinformation, I make sure the forum is not filled with misinformation.

    In other words, I stock the gym with the equipment you need - you get to use it or not, post and contribute to the discussion, or just lurk. But if you abuse the gym, forum, I will put the forum first. Every time.

    If that is cold - - OK.

    80 . "Closing of 911 forum"
    Posted by Human on Dec-06-01 at 12:03 PM (EST)

    > Gates: I don't know many on this particular
    >forum, but I do know I
    >spent much time on the Public
    >Terrorist Forum. I would imagine
    >that everyone was astounded to find
    >it suddenly closing. I know
    >I was.
    I was excited to see the 911 discussions which were taking place on this forum. It was unlike other more for remembrance sites I reviewed. I was involved in THE thread which caused the closure and found it very disturbing just as Gates did. The MOST disturbing of it all was the fact that THE sigular person who was causing the problem was BLUEFIRE -- a member who I now see may have had a free ride on this forum. I wanted to check out this forum for a while (I was only posting for 2-3 days) before I decided on membership.

    The "free-ride" is really not of much concern to me, but the fact that the forum was closed to the public because of name-calling and matters being taken off-course (abortion arguments in the midst of talk about liberty for the women of Afghanistan) and then learning that BLUEFIRE -- THE name-caller was near the top of the list for the private site was astounding. I thought, we'll maybe she thinks he really IS a TALIBAN member and is afraid, then I saw the list. Pretty much everyone but me.

    I took it very personally. I think Jameson was trying to get rid of ME for some reason. Wonder who she thinks I am? She obviously knows who Bluefire is and admires his work.

    I'll miss your enlightened discussions Gates. I thought the forum was on to something and would have been wildly popular with those following the news once it gained recognition. Guess we'll never know.

    It is a shame to see the members, some now former members have discussions to try to improve the site only to be met with the response that their opinion is "bullchit". Isn't a forum about opinions. Oh, that's right, the definition of a forum is "jameson's opinion". Right, right. I pledge allegence to jameson...... Na, not this time.

    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    66 . "Yeah, quit whining"
    Posted by Maikai on Dec-05-01 at 11:44 PM (EST)

    I don't know why there is all this discussion about the donation. You either pay it, or don't....and paying the $$$ doesn't give anyone any rights to anything, or any expectations. If someone has a hissyfit then they can take it to email.
    I donate to keep this place a forum dedicated to the Ramseys innocence and justice for JBR. A small price to pay, considering I don't have any of the ownership hassles.

    67 . "No kidding Maikai"
    Posted by Ashley on Dec-06-01 at 00:30 AM (EST)

    It's a lousy 50.OO bucks. What is the big deal to the whiners anyway?
    Nothing's free people! You can't possibly expect jameson to foot the bill for our addiction.

    That's how I see it it anyway.

    My check will be there before the first of the year.

    68 . "Membership Drive"
    Posted by Sandy on Dec-06-01 at 03:33 AM (EST)

    Unless I read it wrong this thread was called Membership Drive. It had nothing to do with a conversation concerning the Ramseys.
    Sweebie has always been a very nice poster and I enjoyed her posts. Everything was deleted before I had a chance to read but I doubt Sweebie "flamed" anyone. But this only gave me good reason to come out with a few things.

    You have said that everyone pays to join your forum,but I have heard a few people haven't had to pay. NYL, MM and Bluefire for just three which I don't understand. I'm sure NYL has plenty of moola to have paid but apparantly you wanted a "public figure" so you gave him a free pass. Same with MM. I heard some reason for Blue but can't recall now what it was.

    You say flames aren't allowed but on the Terrorist forum Blue flamed. He may not have done it to a particular person but in actuallity he was flaming ALL who loved their country by his constant critisisms.And to some putting down their country is the same as a put down to themselves or their family. But he got away with it by your using the" freedom of speech" excuse.
    AND, he did it on purpose. Anyone could see that.

    A lot of things on your Forum have been bothering me lately so I am another who will not be joining again.There are a lot of wonderful people here and I will miss them but I have their e-mails and can still stay in touch.

    So, run your forum as you like and take the peoples money who have really no say so even with their contributions. As for me, I'm done.

    69 . "Welcome to the "club" SWEEBIE..."
    Posted by Diwi on Dec-06-01 at 09:19 AM (EST)

    by Pink Floyd
    The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
    Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
    A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers,
    But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

    He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
    In his youth or a dream, he can't be precise
    He's chained forever to a world that's departed
    It's not enough, it's not enough

    His blood has frozen & curdled with fright
    His knees have trembled & given way in the night
    His hand has weakened at the moment of truth

    His step has faltered

    One world, one soul
    Time pass, the river rolls

    It's not enough it's not enough
    His hand has faltered

    And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
    And silent replies that swirl invitation
    Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea
    A grim intimation of what is to be

    There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
    And there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
    And silence that speaks so much louder that words,
    Of promises broken...

    70 . "FYI"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-06-01 at 09:31 AM (EST)

    NYL has been more than generous with this forum and has not only paid his own way but scholarships for others - - so take THAT bit of Bull**** and stuff it HIGH.
    MM said he was going to send a check - but it never got here. Oh well. NYL offered to pay his way... but I said that would be a bit TOO much and didn't take his money for Frank.

    As for those who did pay a little at a time or were in on a "free pass" - which actually is not true since a couple posters paid for others to be here - that is none of YOUR business!

    NOW - this thread is done.

    Members have been told that it is time to renew their memberships.

    Up to them individually if they want to stay or not.

    I see no need for any further discussion on this matter. The forum is about the Ramsey case, not how I run the forum. If someone doesn't like the way it is run, then they should go to weBsleuths or ACandyRose or Mapek's forum - - or start their own.

    Like I said... this thread has served its purpose and should end. Posts after this one will all be deleted and this thread will be archived at noon.

    71 . "Your analogy"
    Posted by Jayelles on Dec-06-01 at 10:27 AM (EST)

    jameson post # 65
    jameson - I am here to discuss the Ramsey case, not to even TRY to meet the personal expectations of all the posters.

    That statement says rather a lot about you

    jameson - It's like owning a gym. People go to the gym to use the equipment - - they don't scream at the owner when he takes out a bit of equipment, or adds a piece, or lets Mr. hcndfj join, or lets Mrs. tcmutihn quit.

    I don't think that the equipment was the issue here. If you 'thought' that you bought a years membership and the gym owner suddenly turned around after a few months and made it clear that you had only paid for six months then you would perfectly entitled to seek clarification on your misunderstanding

    jameson - I provide a place for people to discuss the Ramsey case without being abused by flamers. I post information, I open discussions that cover many subjects connected to Ramsey, I try to clear up misinformation, I make sure the forum is not filled with misinformation.

    In other words, I stock the gym with the equipment you need - you get to use it or not, post and contribute to the discussion, or just lurk. But if you abuse the gym, forum, I will put the forum first. Every time.

    It is one thing to provide the gym equipment and to make sure the gym equipment isn't sbused, but it is quite another to dictate precisely how paying members use the equipment. As a gym owner, you would quickly lose members if you dictated to them precisely how they must take their exercise or be kicked out of the premises. You would certainly lose members if you told them that their custom didn't matter and there were plenty of other gyms to take themselves off to if they didn't like it. You regularly tell people to go elsewhere if they don't like it and I really don't think you should be surprised if they do. Nowadays, you don't have a monopoly on discussion about the Ramsey case.

    I think you underestimate Sweebie's popularity on this forum. She is perceived as a 'voice of reason' and she IS a good advertisement for Ramsey innocence because people listen to what she has to say. THAT, more than anything is what the Ramseys need. Because Sweebie appears to consider all POVs, people like and trust her. She is definitely NOT biased. You accuse Sweebie of frequenting WebSleuths (which you call BORG, but you clearly haven't read there too carefully or you would realise it's a healthy mix of opinion). Well, I can say with absolute conviction that in my experience, Sweebie has tended only to post at Websleuths to defend you or the Ramseys. She has really stood up for you when others were swinging the punches and you have delivered her one mighty and unforgivable blow for reasons best known to yourself.

    jameson's WebbSleuths needs the non-paying members on this Public Forum. The protected forum has been pretty inactive for a while now. You aren't going to sell your forum with a hostile attitude and you certainly aren't going to sell Ramsey innocence to the public with that attitude.

    The Ramseys haven't spoken publically for a while now. In a sense, you have been a voice for them and that voice hasn't been saying very nice things. Add to that the vicious comments made by some of your regular posters and this really isn't a nice place to come.

    It'll get lonely someday and the Ramseys may not thank you for representing their cause in such a ruthless and unfeeling way.

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    72 . "Who pays for Jameson's forum"
    Posted by Morning Dove on Dec-06-01 at 10:28 AM (EST)

    Jameson, take accountability for your forum. Why do you expect others to pay for it? If you can't afford this setup, then get a delphi forum, or any of the other free ones. I can't understand why you think others should pay, ie your husband and posters. Stop assuming others are responsible for your debts. If you really feel you are contributing to society by running your forum, you will find a way to continue without begging. It looks bad to others.
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    74 . "Morning Dove"
    Posted by Jayelles on Dec-06-01 at 10:40 AM (EST)

    I sincerely don't think paying is the issue here. If someone bought a car and regularly gave folks a lift, then it's only fair that those who benefit from the lift should contribute to the petrol.
    But if as a car owner, I agreed to accept a regular contribution towards costs, then I would certainly feel obliged to provide my paying passengers with a little more flexibility in terms of collection points and pick up times. I certainly wouldn't insult them and dictate what they could and could not wear or discuss during the journey!

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    75 . "Jayelle"
    Posted by Morning Dove on Dec-06-01 at 10:50 AM (EST)

    Good point. However, if I bought a car and frequently gave others a ride and assumed they would chip in for gas, I would assume I had become a taxi service and have to report it to the IRS> I don't think Jameson wants to open that can of worms.
    [REMOVE] [TOP]
    76 . "Morning Dove"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-06-01 at 10:51 AM (EST)

    If you think a forum on a free server is a good thing - - YOU start one! Great idea! The more discussion groups there are the better chance we have of keeping the investigation alive!
    As for me - I have been on free forums like SheSherre's to find they get shut down or hacked. I prefer to own the domain and pay a server for security.

    If you disapprove of that - - well, that's OK.

    This forum will be here through 2002 - I am committing to that. At the end of the year I will again decide if I care to maintain the responsibility that comes with being the owner/moderator.

    As always, I ask no one's permission and make no apologies for not pleasing everyone. I take responsibility for my own actions and owe no one anything more than a place to post for the following year.

    77 . "Morning Dove"
    Posted by jameson on Dec-06-01 at 10:52 AM (EST)

    I do claim the money on my taxes - all legal as can be. Now be a good little flamer and go away.
    78 . "This thread is almost..."
    Posted by Diwi on Dec-06-01 at 10:59 AM (EST)

    dare I say...existential!
    Was that high noon eastern or pacific time? LOL

    79 . "Jams"
    Posted by packerdog on Dec-06-01 at 11:51 AM (EST)

    You belittle Steve Thomas for asking for support. You say that you wouldn't give him any of your money. I think there are many posters that feel the same about supporting your forum.
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  2. #2


    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Jams is not taken seriously at all.... I consider hir comic relief!

    Boy oh boy.... paying $50 for the privledge to post at 2 am! Wow... what a bargain. See what you are missing Dun. hehehe

    I don't lurk often at Jams, I belong to too many forums as it is, however today I just had to go and see what all the fuss was about. Thanks for posting ALL the posts, before hir went into an editing and deleting frenzy.

    Sweebie calling Jams a horse's behind.... what an insult to horses everywhere. LOL

    Jams is the Rammers worst enemy... IMO.

  3. #3
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    Hornetsville, NY

    Angry Doesn't she just

    make you want to :(:(:(:(:( slap her? I wondered how long it would take for her paying members to get sick of paying while all the action (?) was at the free public forum. Sweebie is respected, even by me, and that's a tough one, because I think most the posters at jameson's forum are plain stupid. She is so rude and belligerent, I always said, let me in an alley alone with her for a few minutes and all would be solved, hahahahaha.

    I'm glad you got this thread, vic. She made a mistake pulling that crap on Sweebie - the truth is, she doesn't give a chit about anyone but herself and the Ramseys. Anyone who thinks she is their friend is whistling Dixie. She is no one's friend.
    Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,
    the philosophy which does not laugh,
    and the greatness which does not bow before children.

    ---Kahlil Gibran---

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    Lincoln, Nebraska

    Default LMAO

    Yes, some of you know I saw this yesterday when it was right in the middle of the battle and posted it on the daily. This was a true adrenalin high for me when I watched this enfold. Thanks to RiverRat for bringing it up in the first place cause I caught a lot of the action before some of the stuff got deleted. Hir is imploding on hirself. I agree, WY, Sweebie was one of the few over there that was decent and not one of hir pied piper rats following hir around.

    I think this is just hysterical and even bored my hubby last night with it who really doesn't give a chit! They're jumping ship over there left & right!

  5. #5
    RiverRat's Avatar
    RiverRat is offline FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Left is Patsy Ramsey)
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    NoneYa Beessness

    Default Always a Pleasure, Thor!

    This little uprising over at the Swamp is vaguely reminiscent of another uprising to me.....LOL - don't forget to keep an eye out for hir yearly sabattical "I need time to see if I want to continue" tease that occurs around this time, this does look like the perfect time for hir to take a little break.

    Sweebie is more than welcome here as far as I am concerned.

  6. #6

    Default I like Sweebie too

    even though she thinks the Rams are innocent and I think they are guilty.

    RR...Hir might close the Public Forum until hir gets her money out of the paying members, before hir annual sabbatical.

    Why is it when Jams is gone from hir forum, so is LP?

  7. #7
    Join Date
    Nov 2001


    I hope hir forum goes bankrupt......she makes me sick to see her and the dirtybird LP defend that ***wipe pervert blue!

    My blood just boils everytime I see a post by that anti-american bloodsucking ****ard.

    Hir shows her colors by banning sweebie while setting up a private forum for the resident pervert.

    Dun, the bad words weren't x'ed out?????

  8. #8
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    Georgetown, TX

    Default Bankrupt?

    Hir and hir minions are at least morally bankrupt for the most part IMHO. Anyone who would post or allowed to be posted some of the racial and other bigotry I have seen there has no morals as far as I am concerned. Sorry, hir always has and always will disgust me.

    For some reason, I just caught that hir took down hir public terroism forum about the time I quit doing all the news research for JWFC. I always suspected hir was taking the lazy route on posting information, now I know. Seems if hir can't borrow other people's research hir doesn't have time to sitnspin and we all know how hir loves to sitnspin big time.

    here...thank goodness.

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