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They're bothin the self-preservation mode no doubt about it. Who wouldn't be?
Well, I'm sorry BobC...here comes "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Forums"...but my idea of "self-preservation" includes preserving my integrity by telling the truth...whatever it might bring.

If I were to lose all ability to restrain myself, and thereby, cause harm or death to another person or a family member...I believe that I would have to cop to it...no lies or cover-up.

Partially because honesty is an important policy...if I were to do such a thing, there would be some reason. Perhaps not mitigating, but it would be important to have the record straight. How could I be treated for a mental abberation if I lie about what I have done? How could I live with myself? How could I present a case for myself grounded in the facts of the compulsion?

Another reason to adhere fast to the truth is that, knowing you have to live with the factual revelation of your actions, puts a darned strong governer on your impulse control.

If lying about what you do isn't an option, then all that's left is that you'd better do right.