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    Question Has the Phenomenon struck again?

    IMHO, hirself has painted hirself and the Ramsey's into a corner (if hir truly is a spokesperson for them.) Hir made the statement that the basement had not been painted after the Thanksgiving Holiday yet I believe John told the BPD the door to the wine cellar was "painted" shut.

    Hirself says:

    "The door may have "stuck", I don't know. But it certainly was not painted shut.

    It was latched."

    Can anyone find the reference regarding John's statement to the BPD? Normally I have my books out and ready for reference but have had too much shifting of furniture going on and can't get to them.

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    Default Uh oh

    Everyone read this from John's depo

    Q: When you were looking at the ransom note, was there anything in the language of the ransom note that struck you as peculiar?

    John Ramsey: The whole thing was peculiar. We were addressed as "Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey," and then they switched to "John" personally.


    I am posting this on the daily, too, in hopes Darnay reads this. Darnay, did you catch this major slipup? Or is Johnny going to tell us it is his brain cells dying again?

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    Default More

    In discussing their book, DOI: (from Patsy's)

    "23 A. I remember Janet Toma, the editor,
    24 saying that she thought we should speak to a lot
    25 of the untruths that had been imparted in other

    1 books or -- like, specifically, Steve Thomas'
    2 book, and "The Perfect Murder, Perfect Town," or
    3 something like that. That book."

    ST's book was published AFTER (April, 2000) their book had been on the market (March, 2000). Uh oh again.

    Then she goes on later in the depo to say she had never read Thomas' book. Another uh oh.

    "I am going to ask you if you are
    24 familiar with Steve Thomas' book, "JonBenet"?
    25 A. I know he wrote the book. I have
    1 not read it."

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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Default here yougo

    Rather than start a new thread (because I forgot where the heck I was in the forum Here is the Today Show Transcript with linwoodforbrains

    KATIE COURIC, co-host: 12/13/01

    As we've been reporting this week, for the first time, Patsy Ramsey answered
    questions under oath about the murder of her daughter,JonBenet. John and
    Patsy Ramsey are being sued by a man they say,quote, "represented too many
    unanswered questions in JonBenet's death. It's been nearly five years since
    the little girl was murdered and no arrests have been made. Lin Wood is the
    lawyer for the Ramsey family.

    Mr. Wood, good morning.

    L.LIN WOOD: (Patsy Ramsey's Attorney): Good morning,Katie.

    COURIC: Why was this the first time that Patsy Ramsey answered questions
    under oath? That seems awfully strange to people since this investigation has
    been going on for almost five years.

    Mr.WOOD: Well, she's never been asked to testify under oath before. The
    interviews that she's given that consist of probably 70 hours of police
    interviews, police questioning, there was never a request that she testify
    under oath or be interviewed under oath. That would not be routine police
    procedure. You're expected to tell the truth when you talk to the police and
    obviously in a civil case, when you give a deposition, you're sworn under
    oath to tell the truth. Either way,Patsy Ramsey has told the truth from day
    one to the present time.

    COURIC: Can you briefly explain why John and Patsy Ramsey were questioned in
    this particular case by New York attorney Darnay Hoffman?

    Mr. WOOD: Darney Hoffman is the lawyer who represents Chris Wolf. Chris Wolf
    is an individual who was a suspect in the JonBenetRamsey murder because his
    then-girlfriend went to the police and informed them that she thought, for a
    variety of reasons, that he may very well have been involved in a murder.

    The Ramseys in their book,"The Death of Innocence," identified correctly and
    accurately that Chris Wolf was a police suspect, that he did represent
    unanswered questions; and Mr. Hoffman, for reasons that we think are
    primarily related to publicity, filed this lawsuit alleging that Chris Wolf
    had been libeled and that his reputation had been somehow harmed by the
    statement of the truth that he was a suspect.

    COURIC: Well, the authorities did investigate him, did they not?

    Mr. WOOD: They did investigate him. The question of whether they investigated
    him thoroughly is obviously one that remains on the table. The more we learn
    in this litigation about the investigation by Boulder (sic) of Chris Wolf and
    others, it becomes very clear that many legitimate suspects,including Chris
    Wolf, have never been thoroughly investigated by the Boulder Police

    COURIC: Such as?

    Mr. WOOD: Well, I don't want to name names. But I will tell you that Chris
    Wolf has not been cleared in this investigation. And we know this, Katie, we
    know that the police department, primarily led by two individuals, Steve
    Thomas and Commander Eller, who had never had any homicide experience prior
    to the JonBenet Ramsey case, clearly put on blinders for the first 10 months
    of the investigation and really refused to go anywhere in terms of legitimate
    investigation, except to look at the Ramseys. So anyone in Boulder who does
    not have an alibi who was capable of committing a brutal perverted murder of
    a small child legitimately still should remain under suspicion and be

    COURIC: If that is the case, though, Mr. Wood, why cannot you--why can you
    not raise possibilities of suspects here this morning without naming names?
    In other words, with--with no other suspects,obviously the--the attention
    remains on John and Patsy Ramsey; are there legitimate leads in your
    estimation that have not been followed, other than people who have some kind
    of hi--history in this?

    Mr. WOOD: Katie, I don't believe that the police have ever thoroughly
    investigated or followed up on, in all probability, any lead outside of the
    Ramsey theory that they have pursued, a theory that, I might add, is
    basically, from what I've learned, based on thin air. The Ramseys are not the
    only individuals that have been deposed in this case, I have taken the sworn
    testimony under oath of Police Chief Mark Beckner, of former
    district...(coughs)...excuse me--former district attorney Alex Hunter, former
    detective Steve Thomas, one of the Ramseys' accusers in his book. And I'm not
    at liberty, because those individuals have claimed confidentiality, they
    don't want their testimony made public...

    COURIC: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. WOOD:...just as Chris Wolf has not wanted some of the things we've
    learned about him made public. The Ramseys have not claimed confidentiality
    and that's why you're able to obtain copies of their deposition yesterday.

    COURIC: And, in fact, let me just...

    Mr. WOOD: Butwe've learned a lot from those other--excuse me one
    second--we've learned a lot from those other depositions. I can't give you
    the details, but I can tell you this with confidence that there is no
    evidence that exists that supports the involvement of John and Patsy Ramsey
    in the--in the death of their daughter. And this investigation has not
    thoroughly followed up on many leads of legitimate individuals who should
    have been investigated long ago.

    COURIC: Several times during this deposition, Mr. Hoffman asked if Patsy was
    involved in writing the ransom note. We're going to take a look at her
    response, followed by her husband's response to a similar question asked the
    following day.

    Mr. WOOD: Sure.

    Mr. DARNEY (sic) HOFFMAN: (From taped deposition) Did you write the--the
    ransom note that was found on December 26th at your Boulder home?

    Ms. PATSY RAMSEY:(From taped deposition) I believe you've already asked me
    that and Isaid...

    Mr. HOFFMAN: Just...

    Ms. RAMSEY: ...I did notwrite the ransom note, no.

    Mr. HOFFMAN: And did you haveanything to do with the death of your daughter?

    Ms. RAMSEY: No,sir, I did not.

    Mr. JOHN RAMSEY: (From taped deposition) I base my opinion on I know my wife.
    I would stake my life on the fact thatshe did not murder her child, she did
    not fake all of this nonsense,and she did not write this bizarre note.

    COURIC: Of course, the ransom note has been a major bone of--of contention.
    Many people dobelieve that Patsy Ramsey did write this note. Why is that the
    overallsense, in your view?

    Mr. WOOD: Well, you know, that's the only thin thread that anyone can in any
    way hang their hat on to make an accusation against Patsy. But let's look at
    the truth about the ransom note--the Boulder authorities hired four
    individuals they considered tobe the foremost hand-writing experts in the
    country. Three of those experts said that there was no indication that Patsy
    Ramsey had authored the note, one of those experts found indications but did
    not and would not state that Patsy was the author.

    The combined result of those experts clearly has been, as admitted by
    district attorney Alex Hunter, that there was little possibility, very low
    possibility, that Patsy Ramsey wrote that note. It is very difficult for one
    to be eliminated as the author of an individual writing because we all tend
    to--to learn how to write in similar ways, but the dissimilarities are so
    great that I believe any legitimate examiner would conclude that there's
    little or no chance that Patsy Ramsey wrote the note...

    COURIC: And...

    Mr. WOOD: ...which is the conclusion of the Boulder authorities' experts.

    COURIC: Mr. Wood, in closing,as I mentioned before, it has been almost five
    years since JonBenetRamsey was found brutally murdered in the basement of the
    Ramsey home.In your view, if John--if neither John nor Patsy Ramsey was
    responsible, will the killer ever be found?

    Mr. WOOD: The killer will not be found, Katie, unless the Boulder authorities
    finally will admit that they have had a flawed and failed investigation and
    will go back and start afresh, include the Ramseys in the investigation, but
    go back and do what's never been done before: follow the evidence,
    investigate the suspects thoroughly and don't wear blinders and--and look
    only inside the Ramsey household. There has not been a legitimate
    investigation of this case and the public will ultimately know that. The
    civil litigation will ultimately reveal the truth, that this family has been
    falsely accused by a failed investigation.

    COURIC: We should mention that Boulder authorities are not at liberty to
    speak about this because the investigation is ongoing, so I think that's...

    Mr. WOOD: That's their choice.

    COURIC: ...something...

    Mr. WOOD: They--they clearly could speak out, and have on numerous occasions
    when they felt it was to their advantage.

    COURIC: Lin Wood...

    Mr. WOOD: But--but they choose not to speak out at the present time.

    COURIC: ...Lin Wood, again, thanks very much for talking with us this
    morning. We appreciate it.

    Mr. WOOD: Nice--nice to speak with you, Katie. Merry Christmas.

    COURIC: Thank you. It's 7:43. Up next, actress Liv Tyler. That's right after

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