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    Default Jeff Shapiro Reviews Intruder Theories

    In this fascinating article in The Weekly, Shapiro takes a look at some of the "other" suspects, in- cluding The Prophet, The Warrior, The Falcon, The Santa, The Wolf, and Boots. He uncovers some links to the Susannah Chase murder.

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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Thumbs up Hey

    Thanks Lurker. You are working hard tonight to keep us informed

    I found this article very interesting. I didn't know about several of the suspects Shapiro wrote about.

    I believe Jeff Shapiro is a very sincere guy. He was so young when he was thrown into this case. I have a feeling if he were still on good terms with Steve Thomas he would not be talking about an intruder.

    If you have never listened to the "Shapiro Tapes" then you must do so. This is where Jeff records his conversations with his bosses at The Globe. The tapes are on ACR web site in support of Thomas at:

    Go to the "media" part and you will find the tapes there.

    I e-mailed Jeff Shapiro and told him it was a very interesting article but I still was convinced it was not an intruder. I also told Shapiro I hoped he was right and I was wrong because it's much easier to accept a frothing at the mouth manic than to think one or both of the parents did this.

    I know in my heart without a doubt it was not an intruder. No way shape or form.

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    Tricia, I agree with you, there is no way that I can believe that an intruder committed this crime.
    AN intruder would not sit down and write this ransom note.

    An intruder would not know about the remote room in the basement to store the body.

    An intruder would more than likely be a serial killer or pedophile, and would be compelled to commit more of the same crimes.
    I don't see any evidence which supports this.

    If by some fluke we who believe the R's did this are wrong, then I would have to believe it was someone very close to the family....and held a mighty big grudge against the R's, still I don't see how this killer would be able to function five years later without showing some tell tale signs of guilt. Most family and friends have been held up for scrutiny, in my opinion, unless you are a habitual criminal, hiding your crimes and your guilt would cause a great deal of stress and at some point the person would let their guard down.

    The R's remain on high alert, and so in my opinion, really are the only suspects who would continue to to keep up the false persona of innocence.
    Love from Toronto,

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    Default My two cents

    You hard as I try to stay on the fence here it gets more difficult
    all the time especially when reading other's logic.  Something Angel
    just wrote struck me here...

    While I may sleep through a lot of things, a dripping faucet or running
    water are something that drive me nuts.  Case in point, a few years
    back, I kept hearing water running and asked my SO at the time where it
    was coming from (this went on for almost 24 hours!)  He had a hearing
    loss so couldn't hear what I was hearing. I couldn't tell where the sound
    was coming from but knew water was running freely.  Turns out a pipe
    had burst in the barn (unusual temps that year in Calif.)  I had never
    even noticed there was a water spigot inside the barn (duh...) so it didn't
    occur to me to check there, though I had circled the house inside and out
    looking for the source of the noise.  SO finally got sick of my nagging
    and started checking things out only to discover water running full blast
    inside the barn (which wasn't in use so...)

    Anyway, the point being, that if an intruder did all of this, I don't
    know how a mother would sleep through a child being out of her bed nor
    how anyone would sleep through water running.  Yes, the basement was
    a long way from the master bedroom, BUT pipes run through out a
    house generally and one would hear water singing through those pipes. 
    IMHO, the BPD needs to go back into the house at midnight-ish and have
    someone run the water in the basement (if they didn't already do this test)
    to see what can be heard upstairs.  At a minimum, hearing the pipes
    would have told a parent that a child was up if their spouse was still
    asleep next to them, IMHO.

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    Default mad as a wet hen

    This article just makes me angry. I'm having a big problem with people who should be a little bit logical since they are or were in law enforcement and journalism.

    The so-called stun gun marks are discussed in theory in this article but made to sound like it is a fact. The petechiae around and near the cord are said to be scratches she made herself and this is not a fact. The autopsy would have said they were scratches.

    I could go on and on but it is outrageous that Loosers loose theory is given credibility and made to sound factual. Where is the logic?

    The majority of pediphiles are NOT violent - they are mostly opportunistic and sneaky. The pedophiles who are sadistic do much more damage and don't usually bother to hide the body. There would be no question of the sexual nature of the attack - probably much more vaginal damage and possibly bite marks also.

    I'm sorry. I guess I'm preachin' to the choir. Ya'll know all this and more but thanks for letting me vent some steam!

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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Default Hey

    Hi Texan

    I agree with what you said but I am not so much mad at the article as I am resigned.

    Shapiro offered some interesting tibits about suspects I hadn't heard about. Plus the article mad it clear just how many people the police have investigated. Blows the Rams complaint about focusing only on them right out of the water.

    I am resigned to hearing people who should know better give creedence to Smit's theory. The fact that it is so easy to dismiss makes it all the more mind boggling that others take it to heart.

    There is not one thing in the intruder theory that makes me go "ahh HAH". Nothing. No smoking gun. No big time doubt. Nothing. It is very obvious.

    Very frustrating too because I think Shapiro tries to be a good guy but is just confused for some reason.


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    Default What Texan says

    Works for me.

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    Default saved anywhere?

    Having been out of town and computerless, I missed the Shapiro article. The link above is to a more recent cover story. Is the text of the article saved somewhere?

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    Default fly

    Here is a link to the archive of the story...

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    Default thanks

    Thanks, DebDeb. Saved me time hunting for it.

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    No problem Fly. I found it to be a very interesting article with lots of info on intruder suspects that I had never heard about before.

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