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    Quote Originally Posted by koldkase View Post
    Not the SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD: "The subjunctive is the mood of a verb expressing wishes, stipulating demands, or making statements contrary to fact": as in "Even IF we WERE guilty...."

    Patsy in fact uses the present tense: "Even if we ARE guilty...." That Patsy; she could not stop confessing.
    Ha ha, no Patsy couldn't! Great catch, KK!

    The subjunctive tense is what an innocent person would use in suggesting a possible scenario. Patsy's use of the present tense is DAMNING!

    And hence ... and hence ... and hence ... and hence ...

    The Ramseys couldn't stop revealing the subconscious truth behind their conscious lies.

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    This is somewhat reminiscent of the question posed by John Ramsey during the Scott Ross interview (while laughing,) “Let me ask you this? What if we were murderers? Would we be denied access to a church? I hope not”
    See @ 0:43

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    Off topic, but this story is generating headlines these days…
    I noticed an interesting similarity between a statement made by the mother of dead toddler Cooper Harris, and a statement by Patsy Ramsey about JonBenet.

    The story is as follows:
    Police say Harris, 33, left his 22-month-old toddler, Cooper, strapped into a car seat under a baking sun for seven hours while he went to work June 18. Records show that the mercury topped 92 that day, and police say the temperature was 88 degrees when the boy was pronounced dead in a parking lot not far from his father's workplace.
    At the hearing, Cobb County Chief Magistrate Frank Cox found probable cause for the case against Harris to move forward with respect to murder and child cruelty charges.
    The judge denied bail for Harris, who has pleaded not guilty.
    In addition to the charges he faces in connection with his son's death, Harris may also be charged with felony sexual exploitation of a minor and misdemeanor illegal contact with a minor, Stoddard said.
    Among the other details police have released is that Harris and his wife, Leanna Harris, told them they looked up how hot a car needed to be to kill a child.
    Five days before Cooper died, Ross Harris twice viewed a sort of homemade public service announcement in which a veterinarian demonstrates on video the dangers of leaving someone or something inside a hot car.

    At the funeral, Leanna Harris said that, “she was "happy" that Cooper would miss some of life's letdowns, including his first heartbreak, his parents' and grandparents' deaths and who to sit with at lunch at middle school.”

    Patsy Ramsey during the Jan. 1, 1997, CNN interview said, “She'll never have to know the loss of a child. She will never have to know cancer or death of a child.”

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