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    Default Picked up by Mrs. Brady

    But something that was bugging me and I couldn't pin down what it was.

    Check out this picture of Patsy:

    Once again, she shows her fascination with necks.


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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Unhappy Whoa

    OhmyGod JR. You are right.

    Is there anyway we can make the picture bigger?

    What is she thinking


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    Default Try this

    Ok - I enlarged it, but because it was poor quality to begin with, it's even worse now.

    Hmmmm. Dun must have the attachments turned off. I did attach the picture and tried to allow it through the moderator files, but it isn't showing up in the hold pattern.

    OK - I have it!

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    Default That is kinda how I saw it too

    The drama queen cant miss a PR shot. Kinda makes it ironic that those are her initials too. LOL She looks like she is playing the scene from Romeo and Juliette where Juliette awakens from the poison induced coma to find Romeo has taken his own life.

    I find it extremely strange that anyone would intrude on a mother's grief to take a photgraph, unless of course it is staged. Kinda like the "meet and greet" they held as JonBenet's funeral. Disgraceful.

    BTW, did I ever tell you guys that I think Patsy did it?

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    Default my comment

    When you see this picture enlarged, she looks like an :alien:. Also, it looks like she's trying to take a bite out of the headstone.

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    Smile Hey gang

    This is the first thread I've checked and I've got a raging cold but wanted you to see this nifty NY Post article today. Probably Mrs. Brady already mentioned it, I dunno. But enjoy!

    When I saw those Patsy pix in the paper, I was also struck by the crappy French manicure she got. I would think a pageant queen would have gotten a better job. No class!

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    Default Huh?

    This article claims Robert Ressler believes that the evidence points to an intruder in the JBR homicide. I wonder why? If anyone has a link to any articles quoting Ressler's thoughts on the JBR case, I would appreciate it if they could be posted on this thread.

    And, the Ramseys are broke? Yeah, right....(snicker)

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    Default Robert K. Ressler

    Robert K. Ressler's Site

    JonBenet Case Information


    Behavioral Analysis of the JonBenet Case

    The Ransom "Note"

    Profile of JonBenet Ramsey's Killer

    LE  FastCounter

    Interview with Robert Ressler


    Officials deny rumor arrest pending in killing


    Camera Staff Writer

    February 5, 1997

    National media were abuzz Tuesday with rumors of an arrest in the JonBenet
    Ramsey murder. City officials issued a news release denying that an arrest
    was pending.  Apparently, reports that DNA testing would take 42 days
    - meaning the Colorado Bureau of Investigation might complete results this
    week - spurred calls about an arrest.


    In other developments Tuesday:  John Douglas, the former FBI criminal
    profiler hired by the Ramseys, canceled his talk and book signing scheduled
    for Feb. 20 at the Boulder Book Store.

    Sources said the girl's killer wiped her body with a cloth or paper
    towel, possibly to "clean up" bodily fluids. "Generally speaking, a person
    is so calloused, by the very nature of having assaulted a child, they really
    don't think that far ahead," said former FBI criminal profiler Robert Ressler.
    "(Wiping the body) would certainly indicate a person who was overly concerned
    with having themselves identified through forensic evidence."




    She'd be 11 now and Barbie dolls would be giving way to boys, while
    the television would be tuned more to MTV than "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

    That is, of course, if she had been able to live her life as a pretty
    young girl.

    Instead, JonBenet Ramsey remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle locked
    forever in the sickeningly seductive poses of a 6-year-old beauty queen.


    A fresh look at Ramsey case

    Boulder seeks outsider to investigate killing

    By Charlie Brennan

    BOULDER -- Wanted: One master sleuth capable of solving a Columbo-caliber
    whodunnit while working under the media's microscope with the whole nation



    Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers
    for The FBI

    Robert K. Ressler Tom Shachtman


    Face-to-face with some of America's most terrifying killers, FBI veteran
    and ex-Army CID colonel Robert Ressler learned from them how to identify
    the unknown monsters who walk among us--and put them behind bars.

    Edited for compliance of "fair use."

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    Default I don't think John

    was a Navy Seal.... this is the first I've heard of it.

    Even if he was a Navy Seal, bet he doesn't remember now if he was or wasn't one.

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    Default hmm

    I don't think Ressler ever thought an unknown intruder did the killing. In fact if I remember right everything he has ever said points to the parents.

    I think that article Fedorax linked to has several things wrong in it. Like Ressler saying an intruder killed JonBenet. Plus John has never said he was a Navy Seal. Don't know where that came from.

    Plus " A new district attorney is demanding justice for the little girl"......

    HUH??? Did someone replace Keenan?

    Sloppy reporting is my guess.

    whenever you see random smilies you know my son is sitting on my lap while I post

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    Default what??!!

    John wasn't a Navy SEAL was he? I don't recall that. Seemed like he had some sort of desk job. Does anyone remember what he really did in the Navy?

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    Default You guys are so right!

    SLOPPY to the max. I just read it quickly, saw that it was optimistic (against a sea of contrary reports of late). Of course, JR was no SEAL; it's Smit, not Smits; and it seems the Post writer meant Douglas, not Ressler. For the record, this is what Ressler has said about an intruder:

    I have never stated that the killer of JBR was an intruder. On the contrary, I have stated many times that the killer was NOT an intruder, nor a stranger. I have stated that JBR knew her killer, that her killer knew her, that it was not a sexually motivated crime but an accidental death which was staged to cover the true facts of the homicide. I also have said that though Mom, Dad and Brother are logical suspects, they do not preclude an other, or others that may have been in the house that evening. Their presence would have been known by Mom & Dad who have never shared this with the law enforcement authorities.

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