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    Default Right Tricia

    Take this to the swamp if you want to:

    Had John used his business sense and popped that $100,000 into a compounded interest account (though a long term CD would most likely make the best sense) at 6%...and yes 6% is available to that kind of initial deposit, he would now have a reward just a few dollars under $135,000. IMHO, had he done so, other "friends" might have added to the fund and it would be worth even more today.

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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Default Help

    Did I not read somewhere that the Ramseys got a 2 million dollar loan to remodle thier new home on Faces Perry? Or did they refinance it for 2 million and then remodel it?

    Help I can' t remember...anyone have links to the article about it?


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    Thumbs up Tricia... please

    save the threads from Dec 29 at Jams before they are deleted... LOL.... I think hear 'protective status' at the swamp.

    No way to spin this! Bingo!

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    Default Information on the Web Site: ""

    Here is the current "whois" lookup information for "" from Verisign/Network Solutions:

    (1) Registrant:
    Haddon Morgan & Foreman (RAMSEYFAMILY-DOM)
    150 E. Tenth Ave
    Denver, CO 80203


    (1) Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
    Mueller, Anthony J (AJM75)
    AJM & Associates
    P.O. Box 621632
    Littleton, CO 80162
    303-933-2394 (FAX) 303-933-9478

    (3) Technical Contact:
    Support, Technical (MC4774) contact@AHNET.NET
    affinity Internet, Inc.
    101 Continental Boulevard, 3rd Floor
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    (310) 524-3000 (310) 388-1335

    (4) Record last updated on 19-Jun-2001.
    Record expires on 19-Apr-2002.
    Record created on 18-Apr-1997.
    Database last updated on 29-Dec-2001 10:54:00 EST.

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Now...let's go through this from the top:

    (1) The "Registrant" is the sole "owner" of a domain. Whomsoever is "Registrant" is both responsible for all the content on a web site, and is liable for said content.

    In the case of the "" website, it appears that the law firm of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman is the "Registrant"...i.e., the entity responsible for anything that appears on the "" website.

    Here is the definition that Verisign/Network Solutions gives for "Registrant":

      The individual or organization that registers a specific domain name with Network Solutions. This individual or organization holds the right to use that specific domain name for a specified period of time, provided certain conditions are met and the registration fees are paid. This person or organization is the "legal entity" bound by the terms of the Service Agreement.

    According to one popular domain registrar:

      The domain name is considered to be registered to a "legal entity", even if the legal entity is an individual (e.g., Lee Smith). Do not list a "dba" or acronym as the registrant. In this section, it is important to list the legal name and address of the Registrant, not the Internet Service Provider ("ISP").

    Registrant questions regarding the "" web site could be directed to the Haddon, Morgan & Foreman law office address at 150 E. Tenth Ave in Denver, CO 80203; or could be made via phone to (303) 831-7364; or directed to the law office via fax at (303)832-2628.

    (1) The next two names of interest are the Administrative Contact/Agent and the Technical Contact/Agent.

    According to Verisign/Network Solutions the definition of Contact/Agent is as follows:
      Contacts/Agents are individuals or groups who represent the registrant on matters related to the registrant's domain name. There are three types of contacts/agents: administrative, technical, and billing. The entity listed as the administrative, technical, or billing contact/agent should be the entity best able to answer questions about that particular aspect of the domain name's registration, and should be authorized to represent the domain name registrant. A contact/agent may be a single person or may be a group or organization where several individuals act in a "role" (e.g., Internet Service Provider Support Center).

    The Administrative Contact is given as a Mr. Anthony Mueller, of AJM & Associates, a web hosting company.

    The role of Administrative Contact is defined by Verisign/Network Solutions thusly:
      The administrative contact/agent is an individual authorized to interact with Network Solutions on behalf of the domain name registrant. The administrative contact/agent should be able to answer non-technical questions about the domain name's registration and the domain name registrant. It is strongly recommended that the administrative contact/agent be the registrant or someone from the registrant's organization.

    HERE you will find a listing of AJM's clients, among which is numbered H. Ellis Armistead and Associates, as well as the the Ramsey Family web site

    In the matter of technical questions regarding the "" web site, inquiries may be made to the administrative contact via information given above for AMJ and Associates.

    Or, you may e-mail the Administrative Contact, AMJ's webmaster, HERE.

    (3) The Technical Contact is defined by Verisign/Network Solutions as:
      The technical contact is the person or organization who maintains the primary domain name server. The technical contact should be able to answer technical questions about the domain name's primary domain name server and work with technically-oriented people in other domains to solve technical problems that affect the domain name.

    The Technical Contact for the "" site is given as AHNET, a web hosting company in El Segundo, California.

    (4) Record last updated on 19-Jun-2001.

    This means that one of the Agents for the "" domain re-registered this domain on the 19th of June, 2001.

    I wonder which "Agent" re-registered this site?

    I'm (ahem) beginning to wonder if John or Patsy Ramsey have anything to do with the site named after their family, which is their web presence to gain information and leads in the murder of JonBenet, their very own daughter?

    So...I suppose a former-CEO and a former-Miss America contestant are the exact type of personalities that would, over the course of five long years, have zero control over the most important imaginable thing that any family could concievably have to face: the murder of their daughter in their own home as they slept only one floor away.

    Thank goodness that John and Patsy had no problem making it to the Atlanta Police Department when her K-Mark/K-Mart jewlery was stolen.

    Priorities, priorities.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the "" site, I suggest that you do not bother asking the Ramseys.

    The Ramseys do not seem to have any involvement with what is supposed to be their web page which could be a powerful weapon in the pursuit and capture of the child killer that murdered JonBenet.

    I can only suggest that the Agents named in the domain registration record for the site, who have been wanly tending to what has become a static "cob-web site" will be more than happy to answer them in full.


    While searching the net for information on the Haddon, Morgan and Foreman office in Denver, I did find the following interesting web artifacts:

    A. A site for a company called Salt Productions which lists Haddon, et. al. on their page of "a partial client list of some recognizable names we are honored to serve." (Oddly, this page has its type of all the client names stacked one atop can only really see the names if you view the page's source code.)

    Salt Productions says the following about their services:

      Salt Productions specializes in quality audio services including recording and production for music, film, television, video, surround sound, commercials, ISDN, ADR, foley, and audio forensics.

      Please contact us if we can help you or if you have any questions.
    Elsewhere, they elucidate by mentioning their expertise in Audio forensics and expert witness.

    "Audio forensics" and "Expert witnesses" indeed.

    I have to wonder if the this company has worked on (or attempted to enhance) the December 26th 911 call. Were the Ramseys ever legally supposed to have a copy of the 911 tape (under discovery for one of the Burke slander cases?)

    If so, does anyone know when the Ramseys or Haddon took possession of the tape?

    Well, Salt Productions do ask to be contacted if you have any questions:

    Company: Salt Productions
    Address: 725 Mariposa St., Denver, CO 80204
    Phone: 1-888-saltpro
    Fax: 303-825-1233

    B. Then there's Digerati's flow-chart entitled "Incestious Relationships in Colorado Politics" at because it references our above mentioned domain registrars and one take on their place in the clandestine matrix of Colorado power politics and dependencies.

    C. Finally, Westworld has done a number of stellar articles on the Ramsey murder case, and I'd like to offer links to several Westworld articles that specifically mention Hal Haddon:

    What a Circus!
    In the center ring, now and forever: JonBenét Ramsey.
    originally published: July 26, 2001

    (About the Tom Miller trial, which debated the legalities of the publication of the Ramsey case ransom note which appeared early in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, on the Internet, and in the Globe.)

    Alex Hunter's Ramsey Diary: The Lost Pages
    Published October 21, 1999

    A very funny satrical article. This piece has Hunter writing, in angst, to his "Dear Diary"...a rapier sharp parody.

    (Westword Editor's note: Shortly after last week's announcement that no indictment will be filed in the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, a small foreign faction left a yellow legal pad on the back stairs at Westword. Our experts say that the handwriting exhibits several points of comparison with that of Boulder District Attorney Alexander M. Hunter, but we have been unable to establish a match beyond a reasonable doubt.)

    One favorite quote from this satire:

      Oct. 12.: I'm not supposed to tell even you, dear diary, what goes on in the grand jury proceedings, but today's session went rather well. I started out by responding to the old canard about how a clever prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. Okay, I said, but what if that ham sandwich had lawyers like Haddon and Foreman? What if the ham sandwich's daughter was horribly murdered, but the investigation was botched by the sandwich police? And what if the brave prosecutor wanted to make someone pay, but they didn't want to pay, and the teddy bear ran off with the spoon? What about that, hey?

    Also, there's this quote from a Westworld article on Bill Clinton and Hal Haddon:

      Haddon and Whitewater - Westword

      And speaking of the Ramseys and dudes who like to party, what do "Papa" John Ramsey and Bill Clinton have in common? An appearance in Tuesday's New York Post column by gossiper Cindy Adams, who connects the dots between the two--through the Haddon Morgan & Foreman law firm, with a brief detour past Roy Romer, sometime Colorado governor and full-time chair of the Democratic National Committee.

      Not only do attorneys at Haddon Morgan & Foreman represent Ramsey, Adams points out, but they also pop up numerous times in "The Special Committee's Whitewater Report:The Arkansas Phase." For example, the Haddon firm filed Clinton's income-tax returns for every year from 1981 through 1992 and in 1978 even cut a check for"reimbursement of interest pd." to the late James McDougal himself.

      "To understand Hal Haddon's power," writes Adams, "consider the millions of barrister-solicitor-mouthpiece-advocate firms in America Bill Clinton could choose to handle his tax records vis-à-vis the Senate Whitewater committee. The prez of the U.S.A. disses the whole load of D.C. or New York legal flunkies on his payroll for some barrister's firm all the way the hell out in Denver, who nobody's ever heard of."

      Well, not exactly. A decade ago, Haddon, a big supporter of Gary Hart, was even being touted as a potential attorney general if his candidate won the presidency. Instead, Hart sank with the Monkey Business--and Haddon kept a relatively low profile until Ramsey raised it back up.

      Could the Clinton-Haddon-Ramsey connection account for "why the gov isn't removing District Attorney Alex Hunter from the JonBenét murder investigation?" muses Adams.

      Asked, but not answered.

    Forums for Justice

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    Thumbs up Brava!!!

    I'm standing on my chair, applauding!

    You'd think Mr. Fat Cat would have had the forethought to hold onto his private plane so he could fly whomever solves the case to the Cayman Islands where he has his millions buried. Poor Sneaky Pete. No wonder he left the case.

    I had another thought: I wonder if Patsy brought a bottle of shampoo in her purse to the deposition? I mean, knowing that Jams was gonna be in town and all...

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    Default I live in Northern California...followed the Klaas Murder Case closely...

    ...and clearly remembering leaping to MY feet when that unspeakable admitted child killer, Richard Allen Davis, rose in his single statement to the court and made a completely false and unimaginably calculated and cruel statement implying that Marc Klaas was a child molester.

    HERE you will find a TIME Magazine link to an article regarding the unbelievably evil statement Richard Allen Davis made to Marc Klaas, the bereved father of murdered 12-year-old victim Polly Klaas.

    It is entitled "FINAL OUTRAGE."

    Anyone who sides with that base murderer Davis is beyond redemption. And that means that I no longer give Jameson any credit whatsoever. She's plain banal evil to the core, and actually is self-unaware enough to publish her support of the wicked, self-serving arguments of child murderers (like Davis.)

    No surprise there.

    Jameson attacking a tireless crusader for children's rights and volunteer expert in many missing child cases like Marc Klaas might just have EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Mr. Klaas is a friend of Steve Thomas and is a member of the same speaker's bureau that Steve Thomas and Mark Foreman.

    How miserably transparent, Jameson.

    You're slipping.

    Soon, even the Ramseys will have to distance themselves from you.

    You are becoming a liability.

    We should make certain that if Jameson is quoted anywhere in the press again, that we send along a few more of her quotes (like this one supporting Davis' slander against the father of the girl he murdered.) That way Jameson discredits hirself. No one reading such would think anyone defending Davis was anything other than corrupt.

    Anyone who aligns themself with an admitted child killer, and conducts themselves thusly, is simply BENEATH contempt.
    Forums for Justice

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    Default Hey

    Is it my breath or what? Crime Stoppers in Boulder told me to call tomorrow to talk to Mr. Whatshisface....

    I believe Bridgett did talk to the Crime Stoppers guy because he cuts the Ramseys no slack.

    Shallow, Hallow, Guilty people is what they are

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    Default My question is

    Did hirself let this post stand or was hir trigger finger on hir famous delete button?

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    Default Is hir ill

    Or will wonders never cease?

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    Cool Interesting Thread

    Wouldn't it be a sweet irony for John Ramsey to be taken down on fraud charges? Or income tax evasion (all that money in the Caymans)? All it would take is one tenacious investigator. This is how many of the big Mafia bosses were taken down by the FBI -- when they couldn't get them for murder or racketeering, they would get them for IRS fraud.

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