Erika Dalquist, Chris Jenkins, Michael Noll and Josh Guimond

Dateline: November 19, 2002
Updated: November 21, 2002

Are the disappearances of four -- or possibly five -- young adults somehow linked?

Last year, sometime after 4am on November 1, shortly after coming home from a Halloween party, Penn State (Pennsylvania) student Hyunjung "Cindy" Song (a native of Korea) left her apartment, still in her costume, and was never seen again. Friends, family and police are now wondering whether Cindy's disappearance is related to this year's Halloween-week disappearances of four young Minnesotans:

Family and friends are seeking a link between the cases -- but on November 20, citing "glaring differences", investigators in Pennsylvania pretty much ruled out any connection between Cindy Song's disappearance and the other four cases (more information); and police in Minnesota and Wisconsin are downplaying the probability of any connection between Dalquist, Jenkins, Noll and Guimond.