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    Default Another Missing College Student

    Search continues for missing college student

    By Emma Graves Fitzsimmons
    Tribune staff reporter
    Published December 9, 2006, 6:32 PM CST

    The family of a missing 20-year-old college student passed out fliers with his photograph Saturday at the downtown Chicago hotel where he was last seen Nov. 21.

    Jesse Ross, a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, disappeared about 2:30 that morning while attending a model United Nations conference at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel, 301 E. North Water St. Police said the investigation was at a standstill after interviewing more than 100 people.

    Ross' father and brother arrived in Chicago on Friday to ask for the public's help in finding the outgoing student, who has red hair and freckles. His family said they organized a fundraiser at the university campus that raised about $1,300 for a reward.

    The police's marine unit has searched the lakefront and Chicago River almost daily, police said.

    The body of a 31-year-old Massachusetts man was pulled from the river last December, two weeks after he disappeared at the same Sheraton.

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    Default And Yet Another:

    Missing student's family broadens search beyond Iowa

    The parents of the man, who attended Grinnell College, do not believe he took his own life.


    November 27, 2006

    The parents of a missing Grinnell College student have called off their Iowa search and said no news is good news in the disappearance of their son.

    The parents of Paul Shuman-Moore, 19, of Chicago returned to Iowa last week for the first time since their son disappeared more than two months ago. Steve Moore and Betsy Shuman-Moore met with Grinnell police to review the investigation.

    "We're convinced he simply did not take his life near Grinnell because there have been hunters going through every stream or gully and farmers going through every field," Moore said.

    Shuman-Moore, a sophomore at Grinnell College, was last seen early Sept. 25 heading toward his dorm. His roommate, Mike Horrell, 19, said he later found what he called a suicide note.

    Upon hearing of the disappearance, his parents and younger sister, Nora, drove to Grinnell, believing the he had committed suicide.

    "We were certain we were going to show up at school and find that our son had taken his life," Moore said. "For the next day or two, every time a searcher came back or a phone call came in, we thought that would be the one that had found his body."

    Now, after two months of searching in Iowa for Shuman-Moore, his family is convinced he is still alive. "As time went on, we started hoping he hadn't done anything to himself," Moore said. "That feeling has increased every single day."

    In fact, after being reassured by police last week that investigators were following up on every lead - albeit unsuccessfully - the family has now ruled out the possibility that Shuman-Moore is anywhere in Iowa.

    "It would be very difficult for him to show his face in the state of Iowa," Moore said. "We're pretty confident that's one of the last places he would be right now."

    The family has also ruled out Chicago, where friends and family members have posted thousands of fliers without any response.

    The next major city to be checked off the search list was Houston.

    Shuman-Moore, a music fanatic, was most recently interested in noise music, a sub-genre of experimental music. A family friend in Houston, which is a hot spot for noise music, posted signs near music venues.

    Despite no substantial leads in two months, Moore said the family is assuming the absence of a body is an indication Shuman-Moore is alive somewhere.

    "We're hoping that he just decided to take off and is out there somewhere, trying to decide what to do with his life," Moore said. "What his mind-set is, we don't know."

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