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    Default Analyzing the Ransom Note using probability - by Cutter

    ACR just sent this link to Cutter's new site.

    WOW! Check it out.

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    Thumbs up The Ransom Note IS the connection to Patsy Ramsey!!!!

    The site that JR posted above is a MUST READ for all members of this forum. The information is excellent and proves beyond a shadow of doubt (to me) that Patsy Ramsey wrote the Ransom Note.

    I thought could there be any new info???.........well, this is it! The author has a unique way to connect Patsy Ramsey to the Ransom Note.

    Over the holiday, I have been reading "A Mother Gone Bad". The author explains how Patsy confesses in the note that she was quilty of murdering JonBenet' by the words of the note.

    So now not only do we have content that shows Patsy is quilty, but also structure of the letters and a mathematic equation that links her to the note.

    Please read it! I would be interested to know what you all have to say about it.

    Oh, by the way......Happy New Year to y'all. I have been away....then on vacation. It's good to be back and reading about the case again. And it's been good to catch up with your lives in the dailies.

    Resolution: I am praying daily for all the children who need our special care and protection. May God give them strength!

    Meow, Purr

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    Default ...and that is why it took so long...

    ...for the primary piece of evidence in the murder to show up on the site.

    And, why it was a coup for Steve Thomas to get the Ramseys (both) to admit on Larry King Live that "whomever wrote the note" killed JonBenet.

    Meanwhile: keep up the pressure, Darnay!
    Forums for Justice

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    Default Interesting

    Sketchman is gone now that people are commenting on the similarity to the Atlanta intruder sketch.

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    Default Hi Purr!

    I agree... Hodges books are a little tough to understand at first. I did have to reread parts over and over. Have you read 'Who will speak for JonBenet? by Hodges. It's his latest.

    Funny how the Ramseys have totally ignored someone who has written 2 books on how they committed and covered up JonBenet's murder. Not one peep out of them. Even LW isn't suing Hodges.

    It appears to me the Ramseys avoid certain issues because they are too close to the truth.

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    Default Very interesting....

    back to my old:


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    Default Make a list

    Patsy's pen
    Patsy's pad
    Patsy's acronyms
    Patsy's southern sayings
    Patsy's margins
    Patys's linguistics

    What are the chances someone else wrote the note?

    Cutter's site is amazing!!
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default Show Me

    I also think it's interesting that Jams' site has no mention of Dr. Hodges' analysis of the recent depos. Could it be that if they delve too far into his theories as stated in his books John will not seem like someone who slept all night and woke up to a disaster? You know, the stuff that was "most hurtful of all" to John?

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