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    Default Thanks, Nandee

    I recalled that passage and knew JR had one, but when he refers to them in the plural he's not specific. It could mean the other one was Patsy's or Fleet's or whomever's. Odd that they'd ALL have rundown charges. And his camcorder! What kind of a mental block is that? Especially in a household where there must have been lots of toys that needed batteries and chargers.

    Even back in 1996, I would imagine any responsible mom would have a cell phone, and if she had had previously health problems there would seem to be even more need.
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    Default cell phones

    I can't agree with you on this one, FedoraX.

    I'll bet that if you look at the statistics on cell phone ownership in 1996, you'd find that multiple cell phones in a family was hardly routine.

    Even today, I know a lot of families with kids who could easily afford a cell phone but don't have one.

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    Default 20 paces, fly! :)

    Perhaps it's just the people I know but I don't know a single family with kids today who don't have at least one cell phone, and that is in any income bracket.

    But the Rs, even back in 1996 when they had more than one computer at home, had money and were sophisticated technologically. Despite their having a few beta tapes, heh.

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