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    Default Donald Foster, linguistics expert, vs. "Hir."

    On a recent visit to Atlanta, I read a most interesting article in the Smithsonian Magazine. It was a feature story on Prof. Don Foster.

    His credentials, according to the article, are most impressive. I came away with a new found respect for his body of work.

    I have read some of the nasty posts (ref. Foster) by SB on her web site. She seems obsessed with the fact that she "tricked" him, and uses every possible opportunity to gloat anew at her self-proclaimed sleuthing abilities.

    Of course, she is way out of her league. It's like comparing Shakespear to Daisy Mae. Foster is a learned man, and his scholarly writings attest to his brilliant mind and sleuthing talents.

    She is sneaky and not very bright. She gloats, while boasting how she "fooled" Foster. But, did she? I ask you all to read the Smithsonian article, (I believe it's the Jan. issue)and see if you come away with the same feeling I have developed. It is, the say the least, rather eerie. But, I think this whole Ramsey case is eerie.

    The obvious guilt of the Ramseys forshadows each and every silly excuse she (and her ilk) make for them.

    May God bless all those who hunger for justice and truth, and may we someday learn the "WHY" of JonBenet's murder.

    Best wishes for a happy new year to all my friends here, on this lovely new forum.


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    Default Link to Donald Foster Articles in the Smithsonian Magazine

    Here are a few links to the coverage that the Smithsonian Magazine has devoted to showcasing the work of Donal Foster:

    Don Foster Has a Way With Words, September 2001.

    The Smithsonian Magazine online also refers readers to these links referencing Mr. Foster:
    The Mysteries of the Moonlighting English Professor
    The Other Book

    Mr. Foster's book is reviewed at both Barnes and Noble, and

    BTW: I've read Foster's book, "Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous" and (as Greenleaf intimates) Mr. Foster is indeed a learned man. Don Foster presents an extremely compelling thesis and methodology for a new branch of deductive foresics.
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    Default Donald Foster

    I do not believe that Foster has been discredited by anyone, especially Susan Bennett. I was not around when the Foster/Bennett exchange took place but I know how sneaky Susan Bennett is, and I think hir set out to deliberately make Foster look bad.

    How hard would it be for JAR to send an email to Susan saying: Blah, blah, blah" and Susan turn around and type it word for word into a chat room. Ask yourself this. Who is really doing the communicating, Susan or JAR?

    Until it can be proven that Susan actually wrote all the communication between hir and Foster, I will never believe Foster has been discredited. Prove to me that the words and phrasing originated with Susan and not JAR or some other young male person.


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    Default Jeanilou

    You wrote:
    " Prove to me that the words and phrasing originated with Susan and not JAR or some other young male person."

    I agree, except I would substitute JAR with JR.


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    Thumbs up I agree

    You could substitute JR for JAR. When it comes to Susan and the Ramseys, I would not put anything past them. Susan and the Ramseys have one goal only, and that is to keep the Ramseys out of jail. Neither Susan nor the Ramseys care about justice for JB. It all about them. That is the way it usually is with selfish, narcisstic, toxic people like Susan and the Ramseys.

    Doncha just love it when ole Susan mentions you on her forum? I know I do. I use to resent it but that was before I realized every time hir mentions me on her forum, it brings my point to the attention of even more people. I can't post on hir forum. Not sure I would even want to any more but at least Susan helps me get my point across by mentioning me and my post. That's a big thumb's up!

    Thanks Susan! :-)

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    Default Ok

    One thing to keep in mind.

    Jameson DID NOT discredit Foster because if she really did then do you think the F.B.I. would be using Foster to help with the Anthrax letters? I think not.

    In hir own mind she discredited Foster. IF this case ever goes to trial and Foster is called he can very easily explain away what happened.

    Add to that what kind of impression Susan Bennet would make on the jury and I believe you would have no problem whatsoever.

    Foster is alive and well and helping law enforcement with the biggest cases in the world.

    Doesn't sound like he has been discredited at all now does it?


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    Default Tricia, I hear ya!

    I have never believe that Foster was discredited. And I agree, in a court of law, it will Foster word against Susan Bennett. Foster is much more believable than Susan Bennett. For that matter, a rock is more believable than Susan Bennett.

    And I am sure that any good lawyer will be able to show what kind of person Susan really is. In fact, they may even be able to get some of hir posts into the trial as an exhibit. Can you imagine once they show how hir paraded around the Internet as a man, had this wonderful shower vision, slandered an innocent girl, Ariana Pugh, etc. to a jury, how irrational and sick Susan Bennett will look?

    No, Foster is not discredited. At least not by any bread baking Swamp Queen.

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    Default separate issues

    As I see things, there are actually two separate issues regarding Foster.

    Foster got himself into trouble (twice) by going beyond his area of expertise. As I understand things, Foster's skill in identifying authorship of written materials is based on analyzing and comparing the word choice and writing styles of the unknown sample with that of known samples. Foster's dealings with jameson and the Ramseys didn't involve that usual kind of analysis, and as a result, he ended up looking like a fool (IMO).

    Foster totally blew it when he wrote the Ramseys telling them he didn't think they'd written the note prior to having done the kind of analysis for which he is known. That made him look both biased and unprofessional.

    Foster continued his error by identifying jameson as JAR and the likely killer. As I see it, everything suggests his conclusion that jameson was JAR (and the killer) was based on the factual content of jameson's posts and emails, a common-sense consideration of the likely suspects in a case of this type, and perhaps, some analysis of any gender-related aspects of jameson's writing style. He couldn't have done a comparative analysis with a known sample of JAR's writing (or anybody else's), because he didn't have samples with which to work. He did no more than what everybody here might do, and he was misled by jameson's content just like most people on the forum at that time.

    His error was in reaching a conclusion without having done his specialty analysis. He has definitely been discredited concerning his ability to identify an author without a comparative analysis, but his technique of comparative text analysis hasn't been discredited in this case.

    Even so, I can't imagine that he will be of any use in this case. He picked up way too much baggage thanks to his ill-advised actions.

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    Thumbs up Never thought

    I never thought that I would be agreeing with old Fly, but you know what? It is hard to bypass, discredit or argue with reason.
    Yes, Fly, it's me, old Greenleaf,giving you (FWIW) thumb's up.


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    Default Emotionalism vs Professionalism....

    It appears that Foster was one more person who was sucked into the void of the Ramsey murder case in the struggle of emotionalism vs professionalism which has surrounded this case from the beginning...

    This struggle started when the case was first reported in the national media.....The case of the beautiful innocent angel horribly abused, tortured, and murdered in her own home on Christmas, one of the most sacred days of the Christian year....

    Beginning with that first media report out of Boulder Colorado, the emotional volume of this case has only grown......

    Foster was not the first to let his imagination, cloaked in emotionalism, override his professional knowledge and training...the case is littered with personalities who have met the same fate....both in the Real Life case and among those who follow and debate the case on the internet forums....

    Those professionals who have publicly declared their theories as the final answer to the JBR case mystery with only incidental documentation and superficial evidence, have lost the respect of the authorities involved and have indeed lost their effectiveness as credible witnesses in the Ramsey case....Foster is a prime example....

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    Talking you said it!!

    Fly, you are so right.... Foster goofed and you can't un-shoot the gun.....
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default maybe

    just maybe he was thinking of getting the Rams on his side a bit... otherwise, he couldn't be that stupid even with Jams

    I have a hard time with anything Jameson says cause she twists things so

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