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    Post God is going to be a big part of their defense

    Who Will Speak For JonBenét?  by Andrew G. Hodges M.D.

    The Ramseys (as they had done everything else) had carefully selected
    the largest religious publisher in the world, Thomas Nelson Publishers,
    to be their spokesman.  Apparently lacking in the street wisdom of
    Jesus, the founder of their faith, to be "as crafty as serpents," Thomas
    Nelson rolled out the red carpet for the Ramseys and took them at their
    word.  The mega-publisher bought the Ramsey spin, hook, line and Bible
    verse.  (P 231; pp 4)

    From beginning to end, JonBenét's murder is intertwined
    with religion.  JonBenét was killed on Christmas Day, wearing
    a gold cross around her neck.  After the murder the Ramseys continually
    announce their faith in God.  Lou Smit boldly tells us God is his
    partner on the case.  Writer Jeff Shapiro feigned interest in converting
    from Judaism to Christianity in order to get near the Ramseys and their
    church.  And the Ramseys dramatically left their church after JonBenét's
    memorial service. (P 232; pp 4)

    Publicly, God is going to be a big part of their defense. 
    (p234; pp 1)

    Patsy was clearly adopting the same tactics as Susan Smith, who upon
    drowning her two children immediately took to the airwaves, proclaiming
    that God was her witness that she had nothing to do with the murders. 
    And that would continue to be their story, too - Patsy and John Ramsey
    continued to spin the lie, without hesitating to invoke God's name in their
    defense.  (P 234; pp 3)

    The Ramseys have dishonored God not only by breaking the commandment
    "thou shalt not kill," but they have also broken more.  They have
    lied ("Thou shalt not bear false witness.") and continue to do so, even
    in the name of God ("Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord they God
    in vain.").  "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," has been broken
    by the Ramseys in that they worshipped other people's opinions, their social
    standing, their "good people" image, their "freedom" more than the truth. 
    And, before they killed her, in their own way they worshipped JonBenét. 
    (When people violate their basic integrity in this way, it eats them alive.) 
    It becomes their deeper mind's "soul mission" to tell the truth. 
    (P 235; pp 1)

    Then, in July 1997, John Ramsey takes another risk.  After consulting
    with former profiler John Douglas, Ramsey released his profile of the killer,
    which among other things includes the expectation that the killer "may
    have turned to religion" - exactly what John and Patsy did, both publicly
    and privately.  John Ramsey banged the drum of his Christian faith
    for all the world to see, but privately he also sought God's comfort. 
    Every Tuesday morning he attended a Bible study as a private home in an
    exclusive Atlanta neighborhood with a group of Christian businessmen.. 
    (P 237; pp 1)

    Having one foot in God's world and one foot in a lie makes a person
    spin as hard as he can in God's name.  It's a game that cannot be
    won.  (P 237; pp 2)





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    Default For God's Sakes Alive

    jr, thanks for posting some quotes from his new book.
    i need to get it and read it for sure.

    is this mentioned in his book? it is something i have thought of before........ or.....maybe even read on a post before.....

    that patsy is so inappropriate with her godly ideas that she might think that she did not kill jonbenet' because "that person" who killed jonbenet' has been forgiven and cleansed of her sins.......thus Victory......and Saved By The Cross.

    do you understand what i mean??
    it is patsy's way of really believing she did not kill jonbenet'.
    the murderess was a sinned- filled woman with the name of patsy ramsey, but the new forgiven patsy......cleansed of all sins.....with Victory through christ.......and saved by the here now in the present......and not the "old" sinner patsy.

    what do you all think??

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    Default Purr

    I don't recall that in Hodges book but I do recall having read something along those lines. Unfortunately, time doesn't permit me to look for the reference at the moment. Hopefully, someone will post it for you. I do highly recommend Hodges book as another way to examine the case.

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    Default Personally,

    I don't believe God is very happy with these people.

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