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Thread: What Kane said

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    Thumbs up "good stuff"

    your posts are full of "good stuff".............
    ramsey inconsistencies..........

    thanks for sharing........i had not read this kind of "good stuff" before.

    now i am know the "friends" were there doing the 911 call.......and there when burke was up and awake.

    it makes me think all the "friends" lied to the police.
    what do you all think???

    why o' why have the ramseys never been arrested??

    i am not an expert, but it seems to me......they have enough evidence to at least arrest them......and then convict them.

    i mean.......people have been convicted without ever even finding the murdered body........what more do they need to arrest and convict them??

    please, please share more inconsistencies..........they are
    "good stuff"!

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    If all or some of the friends were at the house prior to the 911 call why would they put Burke back to bed? Why would Burke be left alone in his bedroom until John and Fleet come to get him to go to the White' house? This does not make sense to me. IMO, most adults even under these circumstances would have realized Burke's fear and would have stayed with him every second that morning.

    Also, is it fact or rumor that John can be heard during the 911 call telling Burke that they are not speaking to him?

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    Default Hi again

    Hi Pybird.

    Like everything else in this case it depends on who you believe.

    According to Thomas' book when the tape was analyzed you could hear Burke saying "what did you find" and John saying "we're not talking to you"

    Soooo what does Pete Holfsrom do. He takes it to another company and has the tape analyzed and claims the voice in the backgroud says "I scream at you".. What the...??

    Several things here.

    First thing the D.A.'s office tries to do is discredit what Thomas had found out however even the D.A.'s experts hear another voice on the tape. The question arises, "what is the other voice saying?"

    The Ramsey's claim Burke was not up during the 911 call. They have said that Burke was awake that morning but they do not admit that he was around when they called the police.

    So what makes more sense. John and Burke talking or an unkown voice saying "I scream at you?"

    Pretty easy to decide don't you think?


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    Default replies

    Zan - JR was asked to "briefly summarize," not to account for everything. Certainly, he might have included the friends in his comments, but he didn't, and apparently Darnay wasn't concerned about that.

    JR has made no secret that friends were called, and I strongly suspect that the police know exactly when they were called, too. If any interviewer asked the Ramseys point blank when the friends were called, I'll guess they would provide that info. That wasn't the main thrust of the depositions. The fact that he didn't mention it under oath is not very significant. The information is still out there, and if relevant, can be used in court.

    Purr - IMO, the reason the Ramseys haven't been arrested is that there is enough evidence to establish reasonable doubt - most notably, the DNA - and nothing that definitively links them to the murder. Lots of things that MIGHT be evidence they did it, but with the problem of innocent reasons for the trace evidence, they aren't definitive. Also, if the prosecution's experts can't pretty confidently say PR or JR wrote the ransom note, there's no real chance of a conviction, IMO.

    Pybird - My understanding is that the Ramseys supposedly didn't know Burke was awake, although they learned he had been when he admitted it, much later.

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    Default Fly---Cell phone

    >>>JR has made no secret that friends were called, and I strongly suspect that the police know exactly when they were called, too. <<<

    Johns cell phone calls are missing for ALL of Dec 96...While John's cell showed lots of activity for prior months...There were no calls shown for the month of Dec(ST).....Friends could have been called on John's cell....

    Why does PR make it a point to say "house phone" when describing her calls on the morning of the 26th? Certainly they could have made calls on their "house phone" to their friends house AFTER calling 911....only to cover up that the friends were called before police...

    There were VISITORS at both friends homes on Dec 26th...the White's and at the Ferni's....PR could have talked to anyone there to establish a "house phone" call to their residence after the 911 call....doesn't mean the White's and Ferni's were there...John Ferni arrived before his it is possible that Barbara could have answered that call(maybe.. maybe not..Coud have been a visitor)..while her husband was already at the Ram house....BUT...who answered the phone at the White's?

    So the questions still remain ...Who answered the phone at those residences...White's and Ferni's when PR callled on the"house phone" after the 911...when they were already at the Ram house? And where are those missing cell phone calls for Dec 96.... who made them go missing...and WHY?

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    Default humm

    The first thing I would do if I found one of my kids missing is hold tight to my other child....

    If you buy their story, that they didn't know what happened, then the intruder could have still been in the house.

    I would not have let Burke out of my sight.....
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default So true Nandee

    I would definitely think the intruder was still in the house....and behave as you described....I'd arm myself...with something..

    I don't think anyone would be able to pry my son or my husband from me...

    The last thing I would do is leave my son upstairs where my daughter was supposedly taken from.....They didn't know how the intruder(ya right) got in....They didn't know if there was a latter outside her bedroom window...where "he or a she" could have came back in upstairs to grab their son....They didn't know if "he or a she" was hidingl in the basement....BUT John went wondering down there UNARMED...and with out notifying anyone he was going down there...right before 10am...Fleet did the same thing...

    WHAT made Fleet think of the basement...when he went down earlier the first time....Why didn't Fleet trust the rn at that time? What was Fleet thinking at the time he went to the basement earlier that morning? He must have thought....something wasn't right regarding the situation he was dragged into....JMO

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    Default Since John's Cell Phone Records

    were missing could they not have gotten phone records (cell or otherwise) for the friends that were there that morning . It would have a record I am assume of when the incoming call came in and who from. Would it not. Not sure how detailed of records the phone co. has.

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    Default Good Q Harley

    From what I understand... Hunter was giving police a hard time regarding phone records for the you can imagine...he probably didn't allow it for the friends either...However....from what a poster at WS has said....there is still a search search warrant that hasn't been released....I'm sure some information....lots no being saved for the criminal trial...understandably....

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