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    Default Why the Ramseys Don't Sue Hodges

    I want to state up front that this is simply my honest opinion.

    Who Will Speak For JonBenét?  by Andrew G. Hodges

    P 255; pp 3

    The writer then presents a series of clues that she was temporally insane at that moment; 1) the totally misplaced mid-sentence period before the special word "hence," suggesting "conclusion" or "this is what happened;" (continued on page 256) 2) the huge, chaotic cross-out of "delivery," 3) replaced by "pick-up" as she turns two words into one; and 4) misspelling a word she spelled correctly in an earlier sentence.  At the very end of this sentence, she describes in one word the outcome of her discovery and the ensuing chaos, "daug hter" - she has hit her daughter.  Overall, in paragraph two the killer has greatly defined her deeper motive and has vividly described what set off her rage that night.

    Hodges has handed Patsy a temporary insanity defense.  In order to accept that defense though, IMHO, they have to accept all of Hodges theory.  They have an ace up their sleeve but it has a bent corner. However, an ace is an ace and a good poker player seldom lets one go.



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    Default Patsy and Hodges

    Patsy doesn't sue Hodges because she is afraid of him....Her paranoid mind...thinks that if Hodges gets to question her...he will trick her into a confession...because he knows her so well...She thinks his book is designed to cause her to sue he can say what he really thinks...and trap her....JMO...She doesn't think...he really believes she did things "unconsciously" or in a moment of insane rage....

    She really didn't want to sue ST...JMO>>She said it wasn't his fault on LKL....

    P. RAMSEY: No, it's not all Steve Thomas' fault. You, it is not all this young man's fault. He did not have good leadership in his department to lead him down a path of experience. You know, you can't fault the man for that, truly. I can understand that.


    She was just angry at Steve for his senario...that is all she really challenged....He didn't give enough credit to her master piece...she worked on to make perfect, when he insisted it was all done in a moment of rage, that had to be covered up....

    I think the only reason they went through with suing ST was because of JR's threat on LKL....and then they waited till the last minute...They had to make good....But I don't think PR wanted to place herself in the situation....As I said...she was only p'd off at his senario...from what I could tell....


    P. RAMSEY: What I want to hear how is it exactly that you think I killed my daughter. I just cannot understand that. I want to hear it from start to finish. Tell me exactly what happened.


    P. RAMSEY: Tell me what happened


    P. RAMSEY: Yes, I most certainly was. Answer my question, please


    P. RAMSEY: We're waiting for you to finish. Tell me exactly step by step how you envision...


    P. RAMSEY: You must have conjured something in your head for you to come out and call me a murderer of my child. I want to hear one through 10. When did I write this ransom note? Before or after I killed JonBenet?

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    Default Zan

    Yeah...but...remember Patsy also was flirting with Steve at times during the interview (source...ah chit - books are buried.) So maybe she has a problem disassociating her "crush" from her anger. Tis pretty difficult to stay mad when the other person makes your heart go "pity-pat." IMHO.

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    Default Haha Angel

    and Larry said to Patsy... 'your out of your mind, I mean you must be going out of your mind.' LOL love that freudian slip Larry!

    IMO John and Patsy are afraid of Hodges and what he has to say. Imagine what questions Hodges's lawyers would ask the Rams under oath!

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    Default JR, Angel, Zan, Show Me

    all great hilarious finds! Yeah, I remember Larry saying, "you must be going out of your mind no matter what" and Patsy snaps "I'm not going out of my mind no matter what." Kind of gave him an icy stare, LOL! That interview was classic. Another part I laugh at is when Patsy asked Steve a question (don't remember what it was) and Steve says "I'll ask you a question right back." And the split second that the words leave Steve's lips she says, very fast, "I don't want a question right back." Its funnier when you're listening to it, not reading a transcript.

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    Default agree with the flirting...JR

    You guys are too funny!

    Here we go...A ..Jane Austen

    ST is Mr Darcy...PR Elizabeth?

    from LKL

    P. RAMSEY: ... "put pride and prejudice aside, Mr. Thomas(Mr Darcy), and work to find the killer of this child?

    hey ...over here that's on A&E tonight(P&P)...I'm that Colin Firth!

    Angle tried to write back...your box is full....

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