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    Post I am the kidnapper/intruder

    I don't usually post the same info on all the boards, but this is a piece I am particularly proud of and I want some feedback:

    I am an avid fan of the TV show "Crossing Jordan". The titled character, Jordan, is a Medical Examiner. Her father is a retired cop, and when she is stumped, she oftens acts out the crime with her father. One is the victim, the other is the perp. They take on 1st person roles, and quite frequently ask questions of each other to get to the bottom of the crime. Needless to say, it is all solved within an hour.

    BUT, I think a lot can be learned from this type of exercise. So I am taking the role of the intruder in order to get inside his/her head and think like them. Here goes:

    I am out to kidnap a child. Why do I chose JonBenet as opposed to another child? And why do I choose Christmas night to do the crime? How do I choose what time I go to the Ramseys house. How do I know they are not going to be home during the evening hours? Have I been sitting outside observing them?

    When do I make my move? Immediately after the Rams leave as I cannot be sure when they will return? Or do I wait to be sure no one else in in the house. If I have chosen JonBenet by choice and not accident, then I must know something about the family. I must know she has older siblings. I see the Rams come out, John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet and leave. How can I be sure there is no one else in the house, like JAR or Melinda?

    When I finally enter the house, how do I get in? Did I walk in through an unlocked door? Or do I have a key to the house? If I have a key, how did I get it?

    Or did I enter through the broken basement window? If so, how do I know the window is broken? Do I walk around the outside of the house, looking for an entry point? If so, why am I not afraid of being seen?

    Let's say I enter through the broken window in the basement. How do I manage to get in and not leave a wide path clean of debris on the sill? Don't forget it is winter. I must have on at least a winter coat. That would make it even more difficult to get in through such a small space. I would have to leave clear evidence that I entered through that window. There should be no doubt about whether I used that window or not.

    I am in the house. What do I do first? Do I familiarized myself with the house? Or do I already know the house because I know the Ramseys? Do I go straight upstairs or what?

    I am upstairs. Do I divest myself of my winter wear or do I keep it on in case I have to make a break for it? Is this when I sit down to right the ransom note? If so, why didn't I write the note beforehand and bring it with me? How can I be sure that the Ramseys will stay gone long enough for me to write my note? How do I know where to find paper and pen? Do I search the house, not caring if anyone might see me from the outside? Remember the house has several large windows on the 1st floor.

    I sit down to write the note. Why do I call myself a foreign faction? How do I know the amount of John's bonus? Have I searched the house, looking for this info, or did I come across it by accident? How do I know about the inside joke of "fat cats" and "good southern common sense". Why do I start out formal with "Mr. Ramsey" and end up calling John "John". Why all the references to movie quotes. Why such a long note. Why not a short and sweet one?

    My note is done. Where do I hide to await the Ramseys return? And how can I be sure that wherever I hid, they won't find me? If I have spent all this time in the house, long enough to write such a long note, then why don't the Ramseys see any evidence of their house having been entered when they return home?

    The Ramseys are home. JonBenet is put to bed. Burke and his father work on some Christmas toy. Where am I during all this activity?

    The Ramseys are finally all in bed. I creep out, intent of finding JB and kidnapping her. What do I use to see by? Just the dark or do I use a flashlight? If I use a flashlight, why am I not concern about someone seeing my light?

    I enter JB's room. Why doesn't she sense me being there? Maybe she is a heavy sleeper. I have a stun gun. I use it on JB before she can scream out. Why doesn't her parents hear it? Okay, maybe they are too far away to hear it, why doesn't Burke who is on the same floor hear it? A sudden sound in the middle of the night in a quiet house is bound to attract attention from someone but yet it does not. Why?

    I have JB. I proceed down the stairs. Why don't I leave the house immediately? Why do I take her to the basement room?

    And when I do get her to the basement room, why don't I exit with her instead of taking time to molest her? There is the window I came through. I simply have to exit, and I am home free with my prize?

    Wait! Let's back up. I forgot about the ransom note. How is that I have held on to this ransom note for so long, and it is still intact, meaning it has not been folded. It is simply 3 whole sheets of paper I have been holding on to for quite some time now. When do I put it on the circular staircase. After I take JB from her room? I have my hands full, how do I get the ransom note on the stairs? Do I take JB to the basement and then come back up and leave the ransom note. If so, why am I not afraid JB will wake up from the stun gunning and scream for help? Maybe I set JB down at the foot of the stair so I can place the ransom note. Again how can I be sure she will not wake up? How have I managed to carry this note around with me, the whole time carrying a 45lb. child? Okay, suppose I have not been carrying the note around, where have I been keeping it and how can I be sure it won't be found before I finish my kidnapping?

    Okay, the note is in place. I have JB. Back to one of my original questions. Why don't I just leave the house with her? Why do I take her to the basement to molest her? Maybe I am out for the thrill of it all.

    I take out my garrotte. When did I make this garrotte? Before I entered the house? After I entered the house? And if I made it before, then why didn't I write the ransom note before? Why wait until I get to the house to do it all.

    I have JB. I molest her. Why do I use a paintbrush handle? Am I too squeamish to use my hands or male body parts to do the job? If so, what kind of child molester am I? What is the garrotte for? Is it to control JB or is it to bring pleasure to her. If so, why do I care about her pleasure? I am the molester. This is all for me, not her.

    And why does JB not scream during all of this? Why am I able to get away with all of this without her alarming someone. Wait. A neighbor said she heard a scream. Why don't I run then? Aren't I afraid of being caught by the Ramseys after JB's scream?

    And when do I bash JB on the head and why? Do I do it after she screams so she can't scream again. And what do I bash her with? A flashlight. A nearby fireplace poker? A wagon handle?

    My prize is dead, or almost dead. I have managed to enter the house, write a ransom note, kidnap my prize, molest her and kill her but my time is running out. Sooner or later I am going to get caught. I have to get out of the house but before I leave I put her in a white blanket. Where do I get the blanket from? How do I know of its connection to JB or do I just hit it lucky? Some thing with the Barbie gown? How do I know this nightgown is one of JB's favs? Just a lucky guess? Or was it clinging to the white blanket? And why do I care so much for this child that I am willing to cover her with her blanket? Is this a sign of remorse on my part? WAIT! I am a sick, sick pedophile. What do I care about JB's being comforted in death. I am a cruel, cruel person, a sick puppy even.

    Time is getting short. JB is dead. Do I leave the body or do I try to take the body with me by stuffing her in a suitcase? And how do I happen to choose one that already has a semen stained blanket and Doctor Suess book in it? I put JB in the suitcase. Do I add the blanket or not? If JB fits, why don't I leave her in the suitcase? Is it because I cannot get it out through the window? If so, why don't I simply go up the stairs and exit with the suitcase through a door? Too chancy maybe?

    Okay. I can't get the suitcase out of the window. Why do I take the body back out of the suitcase. Why not simply leave her in the suitcase. She is dead, or almost dead. Certainly will make the body harder to find. A suitcase is the last place I would look for my child. Why would I care if they find the body or not? What difference does it make to me?

    Why do I even leave the body behind? Why not take the body with me? The Ramseys don't know she is dead, and they still might pay the ransom. Why leave the body behind?

    Okay. Gotta run. Gotta go and get my son from school but I will be back!


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    Post Jeani,

    Your list of questions when answered logically makes the intruder theory seem quite implausible, if not downright ludicrous.

    I'll have to catch that show, Crossing Jordan. Sounds interesting. I occasionally watch CSI, but I find it to be somewhat contrived,and I can't stand the dark lighting. How on earth can these forensic scientists SEE what they are doing?

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    Thumbs up Brilliant Post, Jeanilou

    a brilliant post jeanilou!

    i am a big fan of crossing jordan.
    you did a great job of going through the crime like the father and daughter solve the crime.

    i wonder if detectives ever use that strategy.......
    i bet they do......

    that is why they KNOW there was NO INTRUDER!!!!

    good detective work........pat on the back for you jeanilou.
    (maybe only fans of the show will understand your post.)

    impressed with that post,

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    Lightbulb some more questions..from the intruder

    where should i take off my shoes/boots? or should i just leave them on? what can i use to wipe off the dirt and snow and ice off my shoes/boots?

    or.....ha ha ha.....if the intruder comes in through the window......oh, no.....what can i use to clean up all this debris my butt dragged in? how can i clean it up so no one knows i came in through this way? how can i leave the window sill perfect so NO one knows i came in the house this way??

    there are so many questions the intruder would have to ask himself to really do this crime.

    it is utter RIDICULOUS to think there ever was an intruder!!!!

    i hope you do continue.....with your line of questions jeanilou........
    Have At IT !!!

    and yes, you all should check out the show Crossing Jordan.
    It is Excellent!!! Especially for Crime Sleuth Fans!!!!

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    Default Jeanilou

    I watch Crossing Jordan too. I think you did a great job with this. I will be printing it out so that I could spend more time going over it. I really hope to see more action on this thread.

    I know we don't have tons of people who believe in the possibility of an intruder here, but I am a fence sitter and I love things like this. Going through so many details that an intruder would have up against him and really putting yourself there could really narrow down things about that possible person.

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    Question how many minutes does a true kidnapping take?

    i have heard that most criminals who plan out a crime.....who break into a house.........usually plan for it to take 5 minutes or less.......that is what i remember from crime books.

    maybe you all have a really good source to get that exact time down.........

    anyway, there must also be a time limit that a kidnapper would plan to take to break in and commit a kidnapping.......
    does anyone know what that estimated time would be???

    so another question the intruder would ask....
    how long do i have to go in there and kidnap......
    and leave a note so i can get the ransom money?

    haaaaaaaa........whoever heard of a kidnapper asking for money then leaving the child there.....???
    is there any case in history that this has happened before???

    I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

    so THIS "intruder" would be many hours can i stay in this house.......without anyone finding out that i am here to commit murder.........???????

    i think NOT.

    can the Ramsey's really think that anyone could believe their account of a kidnapper waiting inside their house for hours .......waiting for jonbenet to come home and kidnap her??just think......he could have doubled his money to $236,000.00 if he kidnapped burke too!


    so another question the intruder would have had to ask himself......why am i writing a note to kidnap jonbenet........but then i am not really kidnapping her......but murdering her??

    this is some crazy, loony say the very least!!!

    another question the intruder would have to ask himself?
    why am i asking for ransom money on christmas day when i know the banks are closed? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

    it would have to be a psycho fake kidnapper i would say!!

    what do you think??

    i hope more Crossing Jordan fans will add to the thread also!!

    praying for a breakthrough!
    praying this crime gets the justice it deserves!
    praying to see the ramsey's in jail!

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    Default lol lurker

    I watch CSI also and my husband always asks why they don't turn on the lights.

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    I have not seen this show, can someone help me out, what DAY does it come on or the network please? It sounds like something that I would indeed enjoy watching.

    Jeanilou good stuff. Sometime next week I will start a thread that includes my goodies on how the DNA got in JonBenets undies. With my Harriet Carter dealie, huh.

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    Default Camper

    Monday nights..... NBC

    Here in CA we get it at 10pm
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default Jeanilou

    I printed out your thread this morning and read it very very carefully.

    You know my beliefs in the theory where I connect all of the dots of evidence that WE the posters, the beer can collectors have, which is limited so say the 'Authorities'.

    That one is that JAR did it, I am of course open to other theories, cuz none of really know, nor do the police, or if they do they are not saying.

    But but but, Barnhill saw JAR approach the house that day (his words), JAR would have had access to an outdoor key, JAR was well liked by JBR and would have gone willingly down to the basement with JAR, JAR semen on blanket in suitcase with Seuss book, Santa visit could have been the santa bear that JAR brought, pineapple could have been shared or grabbed on the way to basement by JBR from bowl that was left out, time frame for JAR to get back to Atlanta from Boulder works, the Stines were not called over as friends the 26th, the plane was not ready, perhaps Stine accompanied a still drunken JAR back to Atlanta that night, hence he would not have been available to come over as a 'friend' the 26th, no one knows for certain when JAR left Boulder before Christmas sometime OR if'n he actually did, being exposed at CU to the web site that was using the CU server about S & M bondage etc, would have been something that was talked about by hormonal male students, JAR appears to have had or has a drinking problem, JAR says forgiveness should be given to the 'killer', he hangs out at the gravesite in a pensive mood. What about the proposed hit man in Michigan saying JAR tried to hire him to kill JBR in a boating accident. True or false, we don't know do we. Ramsey attorneys say JAR was not in Michigan during the time of the encounter with the proposed hit man, again true or false, we don't really really know do we.

    Now do not bother with all of the IFS ands and BUTS I have been there done that, know them all. Barnhills nuts, JAR was in Atlanta so I am nuts.

    BUT BUT BUT if all the relatives knew that JAR had a drinking problem and they are all covering for him because it was the devil drink that did IT. I can see the evidence pointing to JAR handily. How do the police EVER break JAR's alibi's?

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    Default I don't think you are nuts

    Your scenario makes perfect sense to me. I know JAR was supposedly seen at a telling machine in Atlanta but someone over at WS once proved that JAR could have done the ATM transaction, come to Boulder and still be back in Atlanta the next morn.

    The one and only thing that sticks in my craw about the JAR scenario is would Patsy cover for him? He killed her precious ticket to the pageant world. Would she really cover for him?
    Is money and power that important to her? More important than putting the killer of her child away?

    If so, what keeps her quiet after 5 long years? The money is gone, supposedly, and so is the power per se. No one wants anything to do with the Rams. They are social and business pariahs. So why continue to cover for JAR, in respects to Pats?

    Maybe it was fear of losing Burke in a custody battle that has kept her pinned to John's side. But Burke is almost grown now. Could it be that Patsy will tell all when Burke is of age?

    Or is it love for John that keeps her in this conspiracy. I don't think so because I don't think Patsy is capable of that kind of love. If she was so in love with John, then what is up with their sex problems? Remember she confided to LHP she didn't like sex. Or can you hate sex and still love someone so much that you would accept the fact that his son killed your daughter, and keep your mouth shut about it?

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    Default PICTURE THIS

    IF IF IF JAR had someone else write the note for him, and IF IF IF JAR did in fact try to hire a hit man in Michigan, perhaps he has some un resolved issues with the second marriage.

    You noticed all those IFs I included.

    So, IF IF IF Patsy did not know til later that it was JAR, and IF she knew that JR had been fiddling with JonBenet, or IF IF IF JAR knew that JR had been fiddling with JonBenet, OR IF IF IF Patsy did not find out til later that JAR did it, but she did know about JR and JBR, she probably felt keeping her mouth shut was the best option, knowing that PERHAPS Burke would be taken away.

    This is a stretchy scenario, but perhaps a workable one.

    My scenario did not include the school nurse, or the party of the 23rd. But we do not know so much of the whole story, that it is difficult, heck its impossible for us to have an intelligent view of this whole mess.

    To me, Jeanilou your whole run down of the physical activities of 'our' perp, just points all 10 fingers at someone within the family circle, OR a next door neighbor who could see when they left that day, knew the family, knew where they were going, and with the Keystone Kop routine that followed, who knows. All the hot evidence has grown cold as of today. Leaving a lot of head scratching all around. Darnay is our fading hope for JonBenet.

    I just hope the depositions were fruitful for him.

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