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    Post Laci was Murdered in Her Own Kitchen

    According to article in the Globe..

    New forensic tests have convinced investigators that pretty mom-to-be Laci Peterson was murdered in her home.

    Traces of vomit speckled with blood matching eight-months-pregnant Laci's DNA were found on a kitchen mop--a chilling indication that she may have suffered from a blow before her death.


    For weeks, investigators have quietly been building their theory that 27-year-old Laci died in the home where she'd been proudly preparing a nursery for the sone--to be named Connor--she expected on February 10th.

    "But the discovery of thin vomit on the mop police belive Scott used to clean the kitchen floor Dec. 24th was a shock," says a source close to the family.


    "There were blood specks in the vomit."

    "There seems to be no reason for a woman so far on in her pregnancy to throw up stomach fluids."

    "And you can bet that if something that alarming had happened naturally, the first thing she would have done was call her mother in a panic."


    Thr source adds, "The presence of the vomit brings up the nightmare scenario that this beautiful, young, pregnant woman was punched in the stomach prior to her death."


    But it's the most closely guarded secret in the entire case that could clinch the case against Scott Peterson.

    Cops know exactly what Laci was wearing up until 8 p.m. the evening before she disappeared--because she and Scott were caught on a surveillance video at the beauty salon where 21-year-old half sister Amy Roch works.


    "One clue to the answer may lie in the fact that when cops searched the house on Feb. 18, they brought Amy Rocha with them and she spent two hours inside helping searchers.

    "When she finally came out, she was in tears."

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up


    So Tez where do you think Scott is?

    Any rumor, wisp of information, any ideas?

    Is he hiding out?

    Is he just enjoying himself in Mexico because he doesn't care about anything now that he is free?


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    Post Well....

    Tricia, the last I heard he was hanging out in Fresno trying to get back with Amber. Beyond that, my next best guess would be at Mommy and Daddy's house. Or he could be "in the wind."

    I am sure LE has an idea where he is. However, the NE said he has been calling Amber and "won't take no for an answer." Go figure, he is trying to get back with her after she spilled the beans. Personally, I think he is trying to find out what she told LE.

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    Default Thanks Tez,

    for your reporting of this case. I've tried to follow it too but sometimes miss some of the details. This is such a little tihing but it has bothered me from the start. This man keeps a stupid grin on his face all the time. Here he was about to become a daddy for the first time. Then bammo no wife or soon to be born son. Not a single tear or saddness to be seen anywhere. I relaize that guilt cannot be assigned because someone grins all the time. But holy heck, not even a sorrowful expression once??? I hate to think that this clown will get away with it. He isn't that bright.

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    I'm not sure how much stock I put in the tabs, but they have given out some accurate info while they embelish on them.

    I don't know if you've seen this article or not. It's very short, but recent.

    "It's just day by day. Like this morning, I wasn't doing very well at all," Rocha said.

    Rocha says she has not lost all hope that Laci may still be alive, even though police have now ruled it a homicide case.

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    Default On this case...

    ...the tabloids have been miles ahead of the locals.

    I would hope the cops hooked a GPS system to Scott's truck before they gave it back this last time. That's how the Jackson case in Washington state was cracked.

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    Default From today's Bee

    Peterson home silent

    Scott Peterson, neighbors say, mowed the grass two weeks ago, but hasn't returned to the home since.


    Published: April 4, 2003, 06:47:19 AM PST

    The lawn has not been mowed for two weeks. The shades are always closed.
    Every few days, the wind blows over a large yellow sign offering $500,000 for Laci Peterson's safe return. Someone always props the sign back up.

    As the scene in front attests, very little happens at 523 Covena Ave. in Modesto these days.

    "It is offensive to me," said Brent Rocha, the missing woman's brother. "Basically (her husband, Scott,) is saying he doesn't care about the life he had with Laci. It seems like he just abandoned that life so easily. It definitely doesn't make sense."

    Six months ago, the house was home to a young couple awaiting the birth of their first child.

    That scenario changed on Christmas Eve when Laci Peterson's stepfather reported her missing. Three days later, the house became a crime scene; police cordoned the residence with yellow tape as investigators collected evidence.

    During the next two months, the Peterson home became the subject of a national media blitz. Television trucks parked along Covena Avenue. Reporters conducted live interviews, using the home as a backdrop.

    Eventually, the reporters drove away. Curious people stopped driving past at all hours of the day.

    Now, the house sits mostly silent.

    Neighbors said no one lives there. One neighbor said she saw Scott Peterson there about two weeks ago when he came to mow the lawn -- and then drove away.

    Jackie Peterson, Scott's mother, said Thursday that her son no longer stays at his Modesto home. During the past week, he has been spotted several times in the San Diego area. Asked if he was living in San Diego with his family, his mother said: "I'm not going to answer that."

    A Modesto real estate agent, who asked to remain anonymous, said Thursday that Scott Peterson has twice contacted real estate agents to inquire about selling the Covena Avenue house.

    The first inquiry came within two weeks of Laci Peterson's disappearance and happened at a volunteer search center, the real estate agent said.

    "One morning, I sat down next to him and said, 'What's wrong, Scott?'" the agent said. "I could tell he was upset about something. He said, 'I need to talk to you about selling the house. I can't have Laci come back here.' I told him it really wasn't the time or the place to have that conversation."

    The real estate agent said Peterson later contacted another agent to inquire about selling the house.

    In late January, Peterson traded in his wife's Land Rover as part of his purchase of a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup. Doug Roberts of Roberts Auto Sales of Modesto later gave the Land Rover to Laci's relatives, who expressed outrage at Peterson's having traded it in.

    They had similar feelings about his inquiries into selling the house.

    "I think it was disturbing when Scott wanted to sell the house," Brent Rocha said. "By him not being there now kind of reinforces his reasoning for wanting to sell the house.

    "Obviously he didn't want to be there or he didn't want to have anything to do with the house. You'd think you would want to be in the place you last saw your wife, to be there and to try to find her. But with him being out of town, that's definitely not the case."

    Scott Peterson has told police that he went fishing in Berkeley the morning of Dec. 24 and could not find his wife when he returned home.

    Police have not named Peterson a suspect in the case nor have they eliminated him from the investigation, spokesman Doug Ridenour said Thursday.

    No, the tabs have not been "miles ahead of the locals", the tabs got their stories & info from the locals. Whether it be someone leaking info from the MPD, or local residents of the area.

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    In my professional opinion Scott Peterson is such a guilty little weasel....

    How come I am never asked to be on a jury???

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    How come I am never asked to be on a jury???
    How many times do I have to tell you?

    No trick questions! :D

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    Angry Zoo...

    The idiot acts like he is relieved she is gone. Did you happen to catch the picture of him at the service they had for her on New Year's Eve? I swear the moron was laughing! He either looks mad or he is smiling that stupid grin. I'd love to give him a cast-iron skillet across the forehead and knock that grin right off of his stupid face!

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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