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    Default Thanks Nandee!

    Thanks for the pic Nandee....Do you also have a pic of the fireplace tool that was also in the body room? The instrument used to grab the fire wood...

    I was thinking...

    If that was the weapon used to strike JB in the head...that little spike that protrudes from the center and curves down...could be what caused the dislocation of that tiny bit of scalp on the top of JB's head toward the front...if she was struck from behind...I wonder what the measurements are for the tip of that middle piece on the fire wood grabber...
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    Default tongs pic

    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default Kansas

    I have feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore. Thanks for the invite Nandee. Hi zan, Hi Camper. Just a quick hit and run in case you haven't read my latest brrrrrilliant post at WS: I think a correlation can be drawn between the rn and the wounds to the body in that the rn is a collection of words and phrases from movies, books and people Patsy knew. The attacks on the body can also be seen as a collection from descriptions of crimes in Mind Hunter. The "kill twice" nature of the head blow and strangulation, along with the weak vaginal abuse, cartoonish duct tape application, uncharacteristic blanket wrapping and ineffectual wrist ligature are not consistent with any crime type. What is mistaken by many as staging is really collecting of pieces of crimes from a literary source. The fact that The Psalms and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie show up in the rn and in Patsy's life in general precludes literature as the source for staging for staging's sake. zan may well be right that Patsy left clues and is not beyond mocking.

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    Default Welcome CMS...

    Posters put your seat belts on... CMS will take your mind places it's never been before!!
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default hi

    Welcome CMS

    Ok I am totally confused. What are you talking about the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and the Psalms showing up in the ransom note.

    I have missed this.

    Help dis-confuse me please.

    Thanks again and welcome


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    Default OH Boy!

    CMS is here....Good to see ya! please re-post your Jean Brodie thread over here....thanks....

    Thanks for the pics Nandee!

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    Default CMS >Mind Hunter

    I've read Mind Hunter..and I think PR took from the Nicole Singer case....regarding the need to show comunication from the kidnapper...There are many other ideas taken from the book......Could you cite some other cases we might take a look at in the book to compare to the crime.....

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    Default Miss Brodie

    First Miss Brodie. Patsy delivered a soliloquey from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in the talent portion of two of her pageants. On the chance there was an unconscious identification with a character or storyline on Patsy's part I watched the movie and read the book. The movie mentions Miss B's sacrifice and through the Seraph report and the unrealistic demand of $118k and the connection between S.B.T.C and the open Bible in the home to Psalms 35 I concluded Patsy was a psychotic that transfered her infantile retentive resistance to maturity onto JonBenet'. A sacrifice is demanded in the Psalms in thanks for divine intervention and continued divine presence. In the book TPOMJB, Sandy goes through a moral transformation, dis-identifies from Miss B, betrays her and becomes a nun. The pattern is similar: moral dilema, sacrifice, union with the divine. Intruders, pineapple, internal growth, attache', open window, victory, gratification of sex by proxy and the question of the spelling of possession can be found in TPOMJB as well as descriptions of Miss Brodie's and Sandy's character that exemplify the split in Patsy.

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    Default the attack

    CMS>>>The "kill twice" nature of the head blow and strangulation, along with the weak vaginal abuse<<<

    From Chapter 9 of D-O-Lie...What I call PR's veiled confession..

    One the attack?....head blow?

    “His recomendation, based on first hand experience, was that the best way to overcome cancer was to hit it hard on the first attack”(PR)


    “…putting the weight on my neck to stretch it and release the presure”(PR)

    Vaginal assult?

    “During the humiliating process, in which a wand was inserted into my vagina. I tried to keep calm, but it was almost impossible”…”I squirmed uncomfortably”(PR)

    On why two killing methods?

    “...they called .”it two for good measure.."(PR)

    To me..I see PR discussing the crime and also the investigation in this chapter(as she does throughout the book)...and not what she pretends to be discussing....JMO

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    Default Your Welcome Angle

    There are some more I noted on the "heart" thread....

    >>>my sister has a copy, and she has annotated certain paragraphs, <<<

    I'd love to see what your sister compiled...

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    Default Hey Zan!...

    great post... I too wondered about the wand inserted and squirming from Patsy. When you post the treatment Patsy talks about.... well, it does set off the hinky meter.

    Hi Angel!

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    Default What Hodges says

    Who Will Speak For JonBenét?  by Andrew G. Hodges M.D.

    Everyone has been puzzled as to the meaning of $118,000 in the ransom note: why the killer selected such and odd number and what it tells us...All numbers are derivatives of the digits 1 through 10, a crucial principle in understanding the cryptology of numbers, which necessitates ignoring zeroes. Thus the writer clearly was preoccupied with the numbers 8 and 10 - repeating both numbers three times in various forms, with the 8 usually mentioned first as in the $118,000 amount before the $100,000 (or 8 before 10 reduced when derivatives above 10 are ignored). Along the same line, it will help to keep in mind specifically that 18,000:8,000+10,000 (8+10); and 118,000:18,000+100,000 (8+10) are the same basic numbers. (P249;pp3)

    The key to understanding any encoded message, including numbers, is the context that the writer herself defines. In this case, it is the crucial idea of the life-threatening, narrow time frame "between 8 and 10." The writer gives us the code for 8 and 10 - it means time is short or limited with life hanging in the balance, and is specifically limited to the exact amount of 2, another crucial number. (Earlier in dividing $18,000 into $20 bills, the writer underscores in another way the importance of the number 2 and it's connection to the number 8. (P250;pp1)

    ...With her stage IV ovarian cancer, Patsy Ramsey had between an 8 and 10 chance of dying, which translates into only a 20 percent survival rate. This would explain her preoccupation with the numbers 8 and 10. (P250;pp2)


    Sorry - will have to search for the reference to the attaché.

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