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    Each one of these stories makes it clearer and clearer how much of an idiot Lou Smit is for maintaining that "parents would never do this".
    All statements in all messages by the user known as Adrian Monk are made as opinion based on the facts as understood by the poster at the time of the post.

    All suspects, named and unnamed, are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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    Default Correction.

    Hey Jameson, remember this remark;

    "It just didn't seem like a parental crime."

    Whatever the hell "parental crime" means, we all know she meant to 'try' to sound smart for her interview; too bad you and Don King weren't so far apart, you both make up words that don't exist and use them in conversation to try to sound intelligent. You know, if he's single, you could always ditch the hubby and hook with someone who's more along the same wavelength. MOTIVATED BY GREED

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    Default this is a GREAT thread.........thanks BobC!

    children MUST be protected from
    these NON-parents.

    Dear God, Please Help Them ALL!

    God Bless All abused children!

    a pic just for BobC....

    a pic of Bob's little piggy in heaven as a piggy angel!
    (i know your piggy had a darker color,
    but this was the best i could find.)
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    Thumbs up

    Thank you Purr!

    And thanks to JR for keeping this thread alive. In terms of sheer lunacy, nothing tops the various statements of people in and around Boulder DA's office that parents don't do sick things to their kids everyday. We had a case here in Austin a few years ago where this little boy kept wetting the bed, so his parents wrapped fishing line around his penis and forced him to walk around like that during the day. Eventually his penis developed gangriene (sp)and dropped off. Both parents are in prison now but that's little consolation to that little boy.

    Have you all ever seen the shock value site called It's news story after news story of sick violence, a lot of it involving parent/child abuse.

    Anyway--Lou Smit wasn't the only person expressing this magical POV regarding parents. Trip DeMuth felt the same way, and Hofstrom made similar statements as well.

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    Default PS

    Do NOT go to if you are easily upset or have a weak stomach

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    Default BobC

    I don't have to go to Ogris to find these stories. There are enough in my daily paper.

    Like the monster who, not once but twice in 5 years, took a newborn baby, put it in a five-gallon bucket, and had her moron husband fill the bucket with Quikrete.

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    Lurker is that pic under your name one of F. Lee Bailey on that glorious day when he was led away in handcuffs? I was filled with religious ecstacy that day!

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    Default BobC

    No, that's not Flea Bailey. It's Dr. Richard Illes, the cardiothoracic surgeon who is currently on trial in my town for shooting his wife in the back and killing her as she stood talking on the telephone in her kitchen.

    Read all about it on the Illes forum.

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    Default Woman arrested for stabbing 18-month-old daughter, leaving her for dead

    Philly mom charged with stabbing baby daughter

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A woman repeatedly stabbed her 11/2-year-old daughter and left her with a steak knife lodged in her back in a snow-covered schoolyard, where she was found alive Monday, police said.

    Bystanders found Shytaisia sitting upright in a snow bank in a west Philadelphia schoolyard with the 4-inch knife in her back early Monday and flagged down police, Darby said.

    The victim was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with two stab wounds to the abdomen and one to the back, and was treated for "hypothermia issues," Darby said. Temperatures in the city were hovering around 20 when the little girl was found.

    Shytaisia was in critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery.
    Never let the children, Elders, the sick, or the infirm be exploited.

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    Default Heartbreaking, JR

    All those who still say parents (with no official history of abusing their kids, even) wouldn't do such a thing. It's total BS, and I'm sick of seeing the stupidity of those who say it wouldn't happen.

    A baby - my God, what is wrong with these people? What did this 18 month old do to deserve to be stabbed several times by her mother? I'm sorry, I can't muster up any kind of mercy for this mother or any other monster who unleashes her anger on her child this way. Stabbing a defenseless baby, dammitall.

    Give that baby to me.
    Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,
    the philosophy which does not laugh,
    and the greatness which does not bow before children.

    ---Kahlil Gibran---

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    I can't believe people like this exist!!

    I agree WY, give that baby to someone who deserves her.

    I have been doing some research about parents who kill their kids and figured it would be relevant to post here, this first article was found @:

    'Law change needed to catch parents who kill'

    A change in the law is needed because many parents who kill their children are getting away with murder, claims the Law Commission

    They warn a widely abused legal loophole means three out of four child killers go unpunished.

    Under present law, when a youngster is killed while being cared for by both parents even if police believe one of the adults to be responsible both will go free if there is not enough evidence to prove which one actually inflicted the injuries.

    So if both parents remain silent the prosecution find it difficult to prove in court who was the killer.

    A parent still has a duty of care to the abused child, but again parents can simply use the defence that they did not know what was going on.

    Many such cases, involving killings and serious harm, do not even got to court, according to the Law Commission.

    Because of this, no prosecution is started in 61% of cases despite around three children each week under the age of 10 being killed or seriously injured, mostly by their parents.

    The Law Commission's report recommends the creation of a new law and changes in court rules.

    A new offence of failing to protect a child, which would carry a seven year sentence, is recommended.

    This would be an offence where a person who has responsibility for a child would be liable if he or she was or ought to be aware the child was being harmed and did not take "reasonable steps" to prevent it.

    Story filed: 16:06 Tuesday 16th September 2003

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    Default Pitying parents who kill is final indignity to child

    Pitying parents who kill is final indignity to child
    By Rosie Dimanno
    Toronto Star
    THERE CAN be nothing but revulsion for a man who takes his young son's life as well as his own.

    No way to mitigate that wickedness, by exploring the state of Jeyabalan Balasingam's mind when he clutched 3-year-old Sajanthan to his chest and dropped in front of an oncoming train at the Victoria Park subway station.

    There are some things we're not meant to understand, I think, because to find reason in such madness is to impose a false sense of order, of logic, on to events born of mental and spiritual chaos.

    Some deeds are so pitiless and grotesque, they are unworthy of cognitive examination.

    But incomprehension cannot justify a clumsy form of absolution.

    There is a feeling of helplessness in such events because a murder-suicide leaves no one behind from whom to exact justice, or vengeance, and I want some of the latter for adults who kill their children.

    Instead, the suffering is borne only by those who will grieve for a lifetime, just as they will suffer the emotional conflict that must surely arise when the survivors - the spouses, siblings, relatives and friends - both love and hate the person who wrought all this pain.

    And what if Jeyabalan Balasingam had somehow survived? His mental state would have been an exculpatory factor at any criminal trial, you can be sure of that.

    In our society, those who murder their own kids become objects of such grand pity that their misdeeds become blunted and blurred; the killers are transformed into victims by skillful defence lawyers and mercenary psychiatric experts. We project our own anguish on to the accused, and give him - or her - the benefit of temporary insanity when nothing about their conduct meets the criteria except for the criminal act itself.

    It's always the same when ``depression'' is given, hastily, higgledy-piggledy, as the explanation for such inexplicably evil behaviour. Balasingam was despondent, chronically depressed, had been refusing to take his medication in the last year, was unhappy in his arranged marriage, had money worries, was isolated as a Sri Lankan immigrant (but Canadian citizen) in a city where few health professionals spoke his language.

    None of which rationalizes Balasingam's crime.

    If anything, this man's situation illustrates how far we have come, in Toronto, in trying to bring treatment to the mentally troubled. Balasingam, despite cultural and language barriers, was under the care of a doctor. He was not left to cope on his own.

    Yet he did such an obscene thing anyway.

    There's a clinical term for Balasingam's crime. It's called altruistic filicide, a word so recently coined it doesn't appear yet in most medical dictionaries. But the mere fact such a term exists proves that the phenomenon is not so uncommon that it can't be categorized. In fact, it's more horrifically common than you might imagine.

    In many cases, depending on culture and politics and ideology, it's even more forgivable.

    Consider these local cases from recent years:

    Three psychiatrists agreed Gabriela Babineau was depressed, anxious, disorganized and delusional when she smothered her child, 3-year-old Rossio Katherina Chaparro-Najar, in 1995. She was found not criminally responsible because, according to Mr. Justice David Watt, the 45-year-old woman lacked the capacity to know that her actions were morally wrong. Babineau was under the ``delusion'' her estranged husband had sexually assaulted the child. The day previous to the killing, she had received papers summoning her to court for a custody hearing.
    Police found Babineau clinging to an eighth-floor balcony railing. But she was not so mentally disturbed that she actually jumped.

    A crown prosecutor agreed with the defence submission that an Oakville woman was incapable of knowing her actions were morally wrong when she repeatedly stabbed her sleeping 6-year-old son in 1997. It was viewed as being a point in her favour that the woman had never before been known to abuse her children.

    Rohini Maharaj, 33, was described by Brampton neighbours as a ``wonderful'' mother, even after she killed herself and her two young sons by carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage. Maharaj was depressed because of a marital separation and financial problems.
    Disturbed parents set fire to their children, strangle them, poison them, shoot them, drown them. Yet their disassociative state is nearly always proffered as an extenuating circumstance. What a horrible epitaph for those trusting, murdered, innocents.

    Only when an even more odious motivation is introduced at trial does an accused parent suffer the full wrath of community disgust and judicial punishment:

    Susan Smith was sentenced to life in prison for strapping her two toddler sons into her car, then pushing it into a South Carolina lake. For nine days, Smith maintained a web of deceit wherein she made a nationally televised plea for the return of her children, after claiming they'd been taken by a black carjacker. Her trial was told Smith had drowned the boys after her new lover said they had no future together because he didn't want children.

    Thomas Dewald of Chatham, sentenced to life in prison last year, with no possibility of parole until 2022, for drowning his two children - aged 10 and 12 - in the lake just outside his parents' cottage. A widower, Dewald had been told by a woman with whom he was obsessed that she could not get along with his daughter. In this case, Mr. Justice Gordon Thomson rejected a joint submission from the crown and the defence asking that Dewald be allowed to apply for parole after just 12 years, in part because it was unlikely the man would reoffend.
    In Canada, in 1997, 64 children under the age of 12 were killed. Of those, 62 were killed by parents. Six in 10 of the victims were 5 years of age and under.
    That year also saw a large increase in the number of mothers accused of killing their children. That figure nearly doubled, from 13 in 1996 to 25 in 1997.

    Spare me compassion for parents who kill. Even those who do us the small favour of taking their own lives as well.

    Rosie DiManno usually appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday. E-mail:

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