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    Default FFJ Redaction of Minor's Name

    FFJ has redacted the name of the 9-year old San Jose girl who was abducted and found safe pending sexual assault charges being levied against her alleged abductor. Her picture has been removed as well.

    Please edit any future articles being posted on this case to remove the victim's name.
    It's probably too late to get justice for JonBenét. Maybe it always was. But knowing where things went wrong is the first step to not going there again. **-- Alan Prendergast-Dec 21, 2006--**

    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    OH, that B*&^@#$.......I hope he meets Big Bubba in jail.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you Moab. I am sure the family will appreciate the privacy.

    Let's bring all our missing home safely!
    Never let the children, Elders, the sick, or the infirm be exploited.

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    Let's bring all our missing and military home safely!

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    Thumbs up Good job!

    Thanks for staying on top of this Moab. Children need to be protected.

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    Smile Missing Child retraction

    Thanks to people like you on this board who care enough to protect our children from harms way. Way to go Moab!!

    I am thankfull she has been found and can get some help to continue on.

    Susie77301 from Texas
    That is what I think.

    But I'm as Dumb as a Stump!

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