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    Post Crimes Against The Ramseys?

    I see that we have mentioned three crime incidents but after reviewing some of Wecht's book there appear to be four. It is beyond my comprehension how these folks ever turn off their alarm system.

    the Death Of Innocence by John and Patsy Ramsey

    Patsy and I were terrified for our safety. (P 29;pp 5)  No
    mention of Burke.


    Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey?  by Cyril Wecht M.D.,
    J.D. and Charles Bosworth Jr.

    #1 Dunwoody appears to be in Georgia: The Saportases remembered that some of Patsy Ramsey's jewelry had been stolen while renovating their home in Dunwoody. "My feeling is that their daughter was seen while attending one of the beauty pageants, or by someone who had a key to the house." (P 72;pp 2)

    Note:  No date is given for this incident.

    #2 Colorado:  JonBenét Patricia Ramsey  was murdered in her Boulder home late evening December 25, 1996 or early morning December 26, 1996. She was six years old.

    the Death Of Innocence by John and Patsy Ramsey

    #3 Michigan: Also, in the fall of 1996 Laura Strebe, the lady who kept an eye on our house in Charlevoix when we weren't there, went to the house and found an open, very neatly packed suitcase at the foot of JonBenét's bed. A pair of cowboy boots was sitting beside the suitcase. JonBenét's bed had obviously been slept in. Laura assumed we had given someone permission to use our home after we returned to Colorado. (P 362;pp 4)

    #4 Georgia: ATLANTA, 7:51 p.m. EST February 20, 2001 -- John Ramsey surprised a burglar in his Atlanta home Tuesday morning and fought with the man before the intruder fled, police said.


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    Default lol

    I don't know anyone who has ever had their house broken into..... Thank goodness for the Ramsey's they are keeping the rest of us safe :-)
    When you defend the indefensible, you make the Ramsey's look even more guilty.....

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    Default Nandee

    Uh...yeah, you do. Mine was burglarized (in Calif.), I installed an alarm immediately and I have had it on 24/7 since then and it is now 5 1/2 years later. I am not a paranoid person, but I never want my home violated again.

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    Default JR

    On a thread over yonder called robbed, a poster asked if anything had been taken in the boulder or Michigan robberys?

    Jams answered she didn't know (imagine that!)

    . . . "But Pam did indicate that other things had been taken before... Boulder is big on burglaries."

    This sounds to me like they are saying the Ramseys had been robbed (in boulder) even before JB was killed, since the Rams left boulder AFTER the murder.

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