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    Default DA's daughter pleads not guilty to DUI

    DA's daughter pleads not guilty to DUI
    Camera Staff Reports


    The daughter of Boulder District Attorney Mary Keenan has pleaded not guilty to a charge of drinking and driving, which has warranted the need for a special prosecutor to try the case.

    Tanis Keenan was arrested Nov. 24 after police said she almost caused a head-on collision along Broadway before pulling over into a lot at Alpine Drive and 13th Street, where she struck a pole and backed into a police cruiser twice.

    January 23, 2002

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    Default hmm

    Alcoholism is such a horrible addiction. I hope Keenan's daughter can successfully battle this demon.

    Interesting that Mary is on vacation while her daughter is going through this. Perhaps I am being a bit too harsh but I find that odd.

    Hey Tanis is doing what her Mom's predecessor always suggested:

    "plead not guilty"

    Speaking of Keenan. Is it true the DA no longer has the case at all and everything has been sent back to the BPD?

    Read that somewhere I think.

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    Default Keenan's kids...Wow...

    she's driving us all to drink. LOL

    Seriously the young lady sounds like she has a lot going for her, I hope she gets help.

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    Default Tricia

    Based on the articles I have read to date, perhaps mom is on vacation because it's called, "tough love."

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    Default yes

    JR believe me I am very familer with Tough Love. More than I would like to be. Perhaps that is exactly what she is doing and if so I applaud her for it.

    It's just my hinky meter went up for some reason. Can't explain it.


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