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    Default subtly suggestive

    JR said>>>JonBenét who clearly was being primed to become anorexic as she got older IMHO<<<

    I agree with this....

    Angel asked ...WHY?

    I think because pr knew that would sell...

    I'm wondering when these photo's were made...was this 95 or the summer of 96? JP said in her Mame interview that when PR returned from Texas that year.(95)..she noted a change in pr and JB...I think that these photo's are the beginning of that change...when pr was changing JB into a sex object.....

    I let my husband look at the photo's....he does not follow this case....and he said YES....a male would look think that JB's second photo was suggestive...and not appropriate...But he also commented that Shirley's thighs should have been covered...I guess we are both too old fashioned....

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    Default with you, Fedorax

    Like Fedorax, I don't see anything unusual about these pictures. The bathing suit is modest, the poses not provocative. The open mouth gives that picture a look kind of reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, which might be a bit questionable, but otherwise, there's not a sexual aspect at all, IMO.

    Shirley Temple is from another era, with different dress codes, and that is just one picture, anyway. Had only the first picture of JBR been shown, only people WANTING to see sexuality would ever see sexuality in the picture.

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    I don't like that she's wearing make-up for the pictures. I just don't think it's necessary at that young age. But I know that's what is normally done for photoshoots and very common among young children who perform on stage. Still don't like it though. But outside of that I see absolutely nothing wrong with either of the pictures.

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    Default My opinion:

    I don't really have a problem with any of the pics other than the makeup and bleached hair on JB. I will say there is something I don't like about the 2nd pic of JB. Not sure what it is but I prefer pic 1 to pic 2.

    Pic 1 looks just like she is posing for a catalog shoot. And I don't have a prob with that aside from the makeup and bleached hair.

    And Shirley Temple is just adorable but then I am prejudiced. I love Shirley Temple and my own granddaughter resembles her, quite a bit, I think.

    Here is a pic of Christy, my granddaughter, who is 7 and because I cannot leave him out, my grandson, Austin, who is 6.

    If you want to see pics of their parents, and my other two children, check in on the daily thread and I will post them there in a few days when I am feeling better. Just getting over a touch of the flu or virus here.

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    Default The pictures:

    For some reason I could not get the pic to show up. So I am trying again.

    EDITED TO ADD: The pic still is not showing. I give up. I hear my Nyquil and my bed calling me.

    OKAY, why is this showing up as a download and not a pic? Anyone know?

    I give up. The pic of the kids are on the daily thread, Jan 26.

    Somedays I am so computer illiterate and somedays I am not. Oh well, such is life.
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