On March 30, Linda Spagnoli, Director of Communications for Code Amber, was invited to Capitol Hill along with Joe Brucia (Carlie's dad), and Ernie Allen (President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to support Katherine Harris (R-FL) and Nick Lampson's (D-TX) introduction of "Carlie's Law" legislation. See photos and read the legislation at http://www.carlieslaw.org . The legislation strengthens the federal parole system by increasing penalties for repeat offenders. There are also provisions for notification of non-custodial parents when there is criminal activity in the child's home.

We're fortunate that Linda lives and breathes in the political and media arenas. She spent the next two days being interviewed by the national press. See her article that was published in the Tampa Tribune http://tampatrib.com/News/MGATER44ISD.html (There must be no more Carlies)

Please help support her trips to Washington and Tallahassee to further this legislation both on the state and federal levels by visiting http://codeamber.org/donate.html

*** Take Action on the Legislation and Contact Joe Brucia

By visiting http://www.carlieslaw.org you will also find ways to contact your legislators to let them know how you feel about this legislation. We have received hundreds of offers from across the country to create organized letter writing campaigns. You can also offer your personal support to Carlie's dad by visitng the "Contact Joe" page at Code Amber. It was an emotional day in Washington, as you can imagine. Joe Brucia's family is very supportive of his efforts to keep career criminals away from our children. Every letter sent in by the Code Amber family supporting his efforts encourages him to keep pushing harder to get this legislation passed. The experience of this devastating tragedy has brought about a determination to keep other families from experiencing the same pain.

For additional information please visit http://codeamber.org/support.html .

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Bryant Harper